'Pokemon GO' Update: Niantic Releases New Anti-Cheat Tool, Details Here

Just like any other games, Niantic's hit augmented reality game Pokemon GO is also plagued with cheaters and/or exploiters. While the studio has been doing its best to counter them, these still continue to exist. However, the company has just released a brand new anti-cheat system, which is expected to resolve these problems more efficiently.

As reported, the developers of Pokemon GO has just introduced a new anti-cheat tool in the game. It is developed to prevent hackers and cheaters alike from ever exploiting the game. So far, it has been doing an impressive job in the titular mobile game.

Niantic, through the feature mentioned above, hopes to lessen the number of cheaters in the game. Apparently, these people have been affecting the entire gameplay experience of other players. Hence, it is only timely for the studio to introduce such.

Apparently, though, the new anti-cheat system in Pokemon GO could also target players who have not really cheated their way. That is because it will flag any accounts that have used third-party software, something that violates the very Terms of Service agreement of the game. Nevertheless, the studio promises to optimize the feature so as to reprimand the correct cheaters only.

As for this writing, cheaters are reportedly struggling to find rare pocket monsters in Pokemon GO. That is because the new anti-cheat system prevents them from catching these kinds of Pokemon. It should be noted though that this feature is deemed as a band-aid fix. That is because it only determines or flags accounts that previous used prohibited apps.

In related Pokemon GO news, rumors have it that Legendary creatures are likely to arrive come summer this year. Niantic could introduce them via an event that celebrates the game's first year anniversary. While this is an exciting thing to look forward to, it still remains unofficial. So, for the time being, it is best to take them with a grain of salt.

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