Elon Musk and Grimes Had to Change Their Baby's Name "X Æ A-12" into Something Very Similar

By Urian , May 25, 2020 09:30 PM EDT

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk along with the Canadian pop star Grimes previously announced their baby's name as X Æ A-12 which spark quite the discussion online as to what does it mean or basically, why?

As reported by CNN, just when you think you've got the name right and learned how to correctly spell the couple's baby's really unusual name, they've both decided to change the name but not too much.

Just earlier this month, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk suddenly announced the birth of his baby together with Grimes in a post on Twitter. The Tweet actually revealed that his son with Grimes was actually called "X Æ A-12 Musk."

Is the name X Æ A-12 Musk allowed?

As soon as the name was posted online, speculations started to say that this really unusual name would eventually fall out of the strong law in California where the couple resides. The California law states that you can only make use of the 26 letters in the English alphabet. This is stated in the state's constitution.

Recently on Sunday, the Canadian pop star Grimes posted a brand new photo on her personal Instagram drawing up comments from their fans. One of the  Twitter users brought up the California law asking what is the baby's new name.

Grimes responded to this question with an "X Æ A-Xii" without actually explaining or confirming the reason for the sudden change in name. The singer continued her response in another comment by saying "Roman numerals. Looks better tbh."

What does X Æ A-12 mean?

Grimes then decided to break down the meaning of their baby's name for those intrigued fans. The Canadian musician, whose real name is actually Claire Elise Boucher, started to explain that "X" represents the "unknown variable" which is prominently visible in mathematics.

"Æ" is supposed to be the Elven spelling for the words AI, which is another shortcut for Artificial Intelligence which also means "love" in other languages, including the Japanese language.

A-12, on the other hand, referred to the precursor to SR-17 which is apparently the couple's favorite aircraft. Grimes explained that the A-12 is equipped with no defenses, no weapons, just speed. She also said that although non-violent, the aircraft is great in battle.

The "A" was explained to also mean "Archangel" which Grimes said was her favorite song. Fans are also intrigued as to how the name should be pronounced but it seems the couple has different interpretations.

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How to pronounce X Æ A-12 or X Æ A-Xii

According to Grimes, X is pronounced just the letter X  while A.I. is pronounced easily like how you would just say both the letters A and then I.

In an interview with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk had a different pronunciation of the baby's name. According to Elon Musk, "X" is just a letter X while the Æ is actually pronounced Ash. The A-12, on the other hand, was according to Musk, "my contribution."

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