Did Elon Musk Just Launch The SpaceX Dragon Capsule Rocket Without the Company Logo?

Elon Musk has just tweeted an image of NASA's most recent rocket manufactured by Musk's aerospace transport service company, SpaceX. Redditor "u/why-we-here-though" reposted the tweeted image on Reddit and captioned it with "It's beautiful...". The comment section had a lot of different opinions on the physical appearance of the SpaceX rocket.

A Redditor with the username "griddy777" commented that there should have been a SpaceX logo under NASA's logo imprinted on the rocket. The image did, in fact, only show three visible logos imprinted on the rocket: the national flag of the U.S., NASA's official logo and NASA spelled out in its signature bold red writing.

Space X Launch Reddit Post

The repost's owner "u/why-we-here-though", however, commented back on "griddy777" and stated that SpaceX's logo might have been on the Dragon capsule. However, it is not visible in the angle the image was taken in. Other people like "Sythic_" and "AlienWannabe" mentioned that SpaceX's logo is on the other side of the rocket where the camera was not focused on capturing.

Moreover, "BradGroux" commented on the thread section of the matter and attached a link to an image on Twitter of a rocket with SpaceX's logo on the side of the rocket. Some of the Reddit users, like "beanmancum" stated his delight of the minimalistic physical features of the rocket, as there were only three different logos on the SpaceX rocket. 

He also stated that the American flag and NASA's logos were ample enough for the rocket's design because it shows that the rocket was grounded on its scientific mission and was not commercialized by SpaceX.

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Space X News: NASA logo and American flag

According to one of the Redditors in the threads section, the launch of this rocket will be on Wednesday and the time of the lift-off will be 16:33 EDT. Moreover, there will be a live stream for the rocket's launching in NASA's and SpaceX's official Youtube channels.

Despite the confirmed date and time of the launch, some Redditors expected the launch to be postponed, or even be cancelled, due to weather conditions. Weather conditions may change at the last minute which, in turn, may affect the rocket's launch.

One Redditor under the username "Rottenpotato365" stated his opinion on NASA's logos on SpaceX's rocket. He commented that it "kind of sucks that NASA plastered their logo on a SpaceX rocket."

Reading this comment, "u/why-we-here-though" started a thread and informed him that NASA did fund SpaceX in the creation of this rocket and for the rocket to make its initial launch. NASA's funding of the SpaceX rocket should give NASA the right to plaster its logos on the rocket. "Rottenpotato365" stated that he understood the matter. However, he still found the matter weird as to why SpaceX's logo was not imprinted on the rocket.

The repost's owner then informed him that SpaceX's logo is on the Dragon capsule on the other side of the rocket where the camera angle didn't focus on.

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