Rumor: Apple iPhone 12 Could Actually Be Portless

A source stated that Apple's newest mobile device, the iPhone 12, will still be using Apple Lightning connectors instead of USB-C ports. This is to give way to Apple's eventual move to no-port charging. Any cable-wired chargers will eventually be phased out in Apple's future productions. Moreover, according to Tom's Guide, Apple's iPhone 12 is scheduled to be released during the fall season of 2020. 

The models of the iPhone 12 will generally have a range between 5.4 inches to 6.7 inches, depending on the specificity of the model. Additionally, the price range of the iPhone 12 models is between $649 to $1,099.

All models of the iPhone 12 will be using A14 Bionic processors. In addition to this, the display screens of all the iPhone 12 models will be OLED. As the iPhone 12 models go up, the enhancement of the OLED screens will also go up.

iPhone 12 specs

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max will have a RAM of 4GB and storage capacities of 128GB and 256GB while the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max will have a RAM of 6GB and storage capacities of 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.

Dual rear cameras are utilized for both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Max. On the other hand, the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max will be using a triple rear camera and exhibiting LiDAR features.

The release of the iPhone 12 is said to be the startup of the no-port charging era of Apple. Even though Apple has utilized the USB-C ports in its more recent iPhone releases, Apple decided to keep the Lightning connectors for the iPhone 12.

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Apple Insider

Apple insider Jon Prosser tweeted that next year's iPhone will be rendered portless. He also confirmed that, eventually, Apple will be producing portless mobile devices and will phase out the wired cable chargers.

Prosser also tweeted that the release of the iPhone 12 will most likely be delayed. This is due to coronavirus pandemic and travel bans around the world. Apple gets some of their materials from other places in the world which, in turn, will slow down Apple's prototype testing of the iPhone 12. People all around the world have mixed reviews on the matters of charging ports and portless charging.

A person named "Fudge" in Twitter, @choco_bit, has expressed her disappointment in the iPhone 12's utilization of the Lightning Connector ports. Fudge wanted the newest iPhone creation to use USB-C charging ports instead of the Lightning connectors. Besides that, Fudge expressed that, "at least", Apple's future release of the iPhone 13 will be using Smart Connectors. Jon Prosser and others reciprocated this assumption.

Smart Connectors are not foreign to Apple iPhone devices. Back when the iPhone 8 was released, rumors have spread that the iPhone 8 will be introducing a new way of charging: Smart Connectors.

Even though their claims and predictions are usually deemed accurate when Apple officially announces the features of their newest creations, these claims on the iPhone 12 are not officially confirmed. These claims will have to wait for their validity when Apple announces its latest iPhone creations later this year.

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