Samsung Plan to Make a New Foldable Phone for Just $1100, Rumor Says

The original version of the Galaxy Ford turned out to be a huge accomplishment and also a huge disaster at the same time for Samsung. The previous foldable phone has already been in the works for many years and finally, Samsung has managed to launch a new commercial version of it.

To much disappointment, the original Ford then turned out to have just a few design flaws that somehow were not found during testing. A lot of early reviewers made Samsung postpone the Fold's official launch. The phone hit the market last September which was already five months later than what fans had expected.

It was publicly debated that a price of $2,000 was impractical for a phone whose quality was still not guaranteed and that common belief still goes around today. Despite the negative feedback, Samsung has not given up on the Fold and actually plans to launch a second-generation version of the device later this 2020. The new 2nd gen phone is said to be launched alongside the Galaxy Note 20 series.

The new rumor

A new rumor has surfaced saying that a brand new special edition Ford is supposedly coming to markets this July and rumored to cost only $1,099. The price maybe a little more budget-friendly compared to the previous $2,000 phone but the design is still unclear.

Samsung has made it clear that it has learned from its previous design for the Galaxy Ford and plans to make a better phone. The first Galaxy Z Flip was released some time mid-February accompanying the Galaxy S20 series which actually had better results compared to the first Fold.

The Galaxy S20 had a starting price of $1,400 which was easier to handle including a more compact design, glass screen instead of just plastic, and better specs. Rumors have said that the phone will be using a totally different design and leave behind the ugly first-model phone. Fans will still have to wait to get a better picture of what the next Fold phone will look like.

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Samsung and the Galaxy Fold

Samsung is trying its best to clear up the existing Galaxy Ford inventory soon by launching its brand new version of this phone. The news continues to reveal that the new phone will come via Display Supply Chain Consultants CEO Ross Young, in a statement released on Twitter.

Young even said that the Galaxy Ford Special Edition will be coming in July and will be sold at a price circulating $1,099. The phone might look a little like the Galaxy Fold 1, but the new phone guarantees many new changes that could potentially drive the prices by about 50%.

There is still no information as to whether the new Fold SE will be having high-end specs just like the original phone but the price is much more in line with what customers are paying for. The risk of debris getting inside the phone still exists.

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