[Update] How to Use Apple Schoolwork 2.0 for Better Online Classroom Experience Even at Home

With the global pandemic ongoing and everyone advised to stay inside, online classes have become rampant and this makes everything quite challenging but luckily, Apple has a solution to these problems. 

The Apple Schoolwork 2.0 is designed with the sole purpose of helping students with their education and although the app cannot completely replace traditional teaching in a classroom, the app still offers a few features that may prove to be useful.

Apple Schoolwork 2.0 update

A recent update debuted just this Monday for Apple's very own free Schoolwork app that aims to help both students along with teachers collaborate on certain school assignments. The app makes it easier for Apple users to conduct classes with the use of their gadgets like iPads, Macs, or maybe even just their iPhones.

Version 2.0 does not only get an all-new tab-based design, but there are also a few other additional enhancements that make the app's Handouts feature even more useful.

The Classroom app has also been updated though only a bit modestly.

How to use the Schoolwork 2.0 Handouts management

The newly improved Schoolwork app makes it much easier to create assignments as well as take advantage of certain third-party apps for the sake of learning. This can all be done by viewing the student's progress as well.

The app launched just two whole years ago and was part of Apple's efforts to better encourage the whole school system with the use of their products, the iPads in the classroom in order to facilitate and improve learning.

The software works by allowing teachers to create certain assignments with just about any type of content that is then sent directly to the students' own iPads. Handouts can include certain file formats like PDFs, other documents, and also different specific activities inside other apps.

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New updated version

The new Schoolwork 2.0 also includes new notifications that help notify the students when certain Handouts are assigned to them. These notifications also remind them when a certain task is due the next day or when certain Handouts are actually past the due date. Teachers also get the same notifications that students get as well.

The new version of this Apple teaching tool also includes a wide range of Handouts from previous classes that can actually be reused which in turn makes the entire Handouts easier to use as well.

The Schoolwork 2.0 is currently available on the iOS App Store completely free to download and free to use. The software was designed to go perfectly with Apple's Classroom app, which was recently updated to version 3.2. This update was only able to tweak just a few details but still, the app runs more efficiently now.

With the pandemic on the loose, Schoolwork 2.0 aims to help teachers and students get through the period without sacrificing education.

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