Simple iOS 7 banner spotted at Moscone Center: What to expect

Apple has been busy decking the hall of the Moscone Center (West) for its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event that kicks off Monday, June 10, with a keynote address. And, a look at the banner of iOS 7 gives us a good idea of what Apple's next generation mobile operating system will be like.

One of the banners decking the Moscone hall is a simple banner with a "7" in the middle and it is safe to assume that this refers to the upcoming iOS 7.  The banner has a minimalist meshed background and a very elegant and simple number "7" in the middle. 

Earlier, we had reported that Jony Ive, Apple SVP for industrial design, have been working on the iOS 7 that will have a "black, white ad flat all over" look. Ive is not a fan of skeumorphic design that has been used when the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was still at the helm of Apple. The iOS 7 is expected to have a unified, subtler feel using a lot of black and white elements and the '7' banner gives us a hint of things to come.

The Ive-overhauled iOS 7 will keep the functionality of the apps but will drop the heavy textures and other old visuals of the operating system. The new iOS is also expected to change how users lock and unlock their device. There are also speculations that iOS 7 will drop the wooden newsstand, yellow pad and the mahogany-wood compass for less-textured design elements. The Game Center's old design will also be dropped.

Ive has criticized how the different objects of the iOS tend to confuse users and the multi-awarded designer aim to give the newest Apple operating system a more seamless and pure design.

According to a 9to5Mac report, the calendar will be mostly white but may have colored buttons for a bit of contrast. The Notification Center will drop the linen background for a much simpler black background.

9to5Mac also mentioned about more multi-tasking and file sharing functionality for the Apple iOS 7.

"Our developers have had the most prolific and profitable year ever, and we're excited to show them the latest advances in software technologies and developer tools to help them create innovative new apps. We can't wait to get new versions of iOS and OS X into their hands at WWDC," Apple said in an official press release.

The WWDC 2013 will start on June 10 and will run through June 14. About 1,000 Apple engineers are expected to attend around 100 technical sessions fcoused on aiding developers integrate the new Apple technologies.

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