Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ Update: CCC Certificate Reveals it Comes with 5G, 25W Fast Charging, 108 MP Camera, and Other Specs to Expect

Samsung will release Galaxy Note 20+ in late 2020. Sources state that Samsung will reveal its newest creations on both the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy Fold series around August 2020.  Unfortunately, because of the global pandemic known as the COVID-19 virus, there might be a delay on Samsung's announcement on its newest Galaxy Note and Galaxy Fold creations and their releases.

This is because some materials used by Samsung in the production of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ are from China and travel bans all around the world have made it difficult for Samsung to pursue its production on the phone. Rumors of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ features have scattered on the internet. Features such as core processors, cameras, and battery sizes have been read by viewers on the internet.

Besides three of those features, the CCC certificate documents of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ have released two other functions. One of the models of the Galaxy note 20+ was revealed to feature 5G networks and fast charging of 25W. The phone used Samsung's EP-TA800 charger.

CCC Certificate statement

Moreover, the LED display screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will be utilizing an AMOLED Infinity-O display. The LED display screen will be 6.9 inches and the screen display will also be having curved edges. Additionally, the resolution of the phone will be of QHD+ quality.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20+'s Android software will be using Android10 and its UI will be One UI 2. In addition to this, the chip used to power the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will be a Snapdragon 865.

There will be a total of three cameras used by the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. It is rumored that the camera will have a quality of 108 MP. The battery size of the Galaxy Note 20+ will have a total of 4,500 mAh. Samsung will also be upgrading the fingerprint scanner of the Galaxy Note 20+.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ will be using the S-Pen, just like almost every phone in the Galaxy Note series. The S-Pen is placed on the bottom left part of the device together with the speaker, a USB-C type charging port and a microphone.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ rumors

The dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ is rumored to have a length of 165mm, a width of 77.2mm and a thickness of 7.6mm. It is also rumored to be bigger than Samsung's most famous 2019 phone release, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20+, however, will be of the same size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

The cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ are still similar to past devices. The front camera of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+ is a punch hole camera, similar to the previous Galaxy Note devices.

In accordance with the leaks on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+, there will be three cameras for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+. A periscope lens and a depth camera will be two of the cameras used by the Samsung Galaxy Note 20+.

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