Facebook's 'Collab' Guide: How to Make Music on Upcoming Tik-Tok Inspired App

How to Make Music on Facebook's Upcoming Tik-Tok Inspired App Called Collab
How to Make Music on Facebook's Upcoming Tik-Tok Inspired App Called Collab Photo : Screenshot From Nick Statt @nickstatt Official Twitter Page

It seems like Facebook's very own experimental app division is releasing a new product today called Collab which is said to promise a brand new approach towards collaborative music-making. The app initially launched as an invite-only beta for iOS from Facebook's NPE division (which is short for the term New Product Experimentation).

If it seems quite similar to the powerful creative juggernaut known as TikTok, that's because it is!

Collab's initial pitch is to help people create short-form videos that actually split into three at the very same time so that you can perform just a single song with the use of three different instruments and when you're done, you can stitch it all together. Or you can work with two other friends and collaborate together.

TikTok-style app

This one is the real TikTok-style feature that Facebook's app includes, the videos, currently, must initially be posted publicly to the entire Collab feed, where any of the other users can take it and recreate or add to the video in their very own way.

As explained by the Verge, let's say you like a particular person's guitar part and another one's vocals, you can stitch them together and put your own beat using a virtual drum pad downloaded on your iPhone to make an entirely new song.

Facebook, however, says that users won't be able to remix certain underlying music and everyone whose own parts are used in the brand new Collab post will get the proper credit. If you just don't feel like contributing to an original part, Facebook assures that you will also be able to create certain Collab post entirely new materials.

Facebook assures that you will still be able to share your content to other platforms just like Instagram and even TikTok, but this can only happen once you've initially posted your content on Collab. The company also says it is looking into certain options to save videos that are created within  Facebook Collab without having to post them publicly first.

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Facebook's Collab

Facebook said that they have expedited the release of a certain in-progress version of their app Collab to give to people with a huge craving for a creative outlet during the current pandemic, hence the invite-only of the beta version.

Facebook aims to direct its upcoming Collab app towards those who want an artistic release during the quarantine. It seems like everyone is looking for something fun to do as the number of TikTok users has gone up.

Aside from TikTok, video games have started to pick up a stronger audience and an even more people have become gamers throughout the quarantine period. The amount of streaming has also gone up with Twitch and other streaming services. It seems like Facebook wants to take advantage of this with the new Collab app.

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