Anonymous Hacks Internet Provider's Twitter Account After Tweeting Cybersecurity Tips

The most famous act of V, the main character of the comic book series, is his hacking through the worldwide TV broadcast. V took over the broadcast and videotaped himself talking to a video recorder. The comic book series is considered to be the inspiration of Anonymous, using the mask as its primary visual identity.

The Anonymous tweet was followed by a tweet to Globe, another internet connection provider in the Philippines. The tweet states that Globe is next in line in the hacking spree of Anonymous, followed with the hashtag #PLDTHackedFilipino netizens were generally quite amused by the Anonymous tweet. One Twitter user, @xakuyuuki, considers the creator of the tweet a "hero".


The Twitter user's tweet includes an image with the caption "YOU ABSOLUTE MAD LADS", referring to the amused responses of the Filipino netizens. Both tweets by Anonymous have now been taken down by PLDT Cares.A Twitter post by PLDT Cares immediately blew up as a Twitter trend under the hashtag #PLDTHacked and the word Anonymous.

The trending tweet is about the need for Filipinos of faster internet connection to be able to communicate with their family and friends. During this global pandemic known as the COVID-19 virus, Filipinos have been experiencing a decline in the speed of their internet connection.

One of the most popular internet connection providers in the Philippines, PLDT, is known for its slow internet service by Filipinos.  An example of this is a Reddit post on the issue of slow internet connection provided by PLDT. The post listed down problems on how PLDT keeps the Philippine internet traffic slow and more expensive.

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PLDT Cares

PLDT Cares's tweet caused mass confusion among the Filipino community of Twitter. This is because the tweet mentioned how PLDT should do its job. Moreover, as a reader goes through the tweet, a threat-like vibe transpires gradually. As netizens analyze the tweet even more, the creator of the tweet revealed himself/herself to be part of the group "Anonymous" and "Legion."

It was also stated in the tweet that the corrupt men of the country fear them. In addition to this, honest people support their cause and the heroic join their cause. Two of the last three sentences of the tweet stated that Anonymous does not forgive and forget. Additionally, the sentence "Expect us." was placed at the end of the tweet as a final statement.

Attached to the tweet is an image of a V for Vendetta mask symbol.  In accordance with BBC, Anonymous is a hacking group notorious for its activist statements posted on the internet using videos and hacking through accounts and websites.

Followers of Anonymous are known to wear V for Vendetta masks as a symbol of their activist views on politics and the government. The comic book series V for Vendetta is based on a story of a masked vigilante that aims to fight against political oppression through unusual activist acts.

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