Xiaomi Releases Parents Control: PatchWall Kids Helps Monitor Your Children's Feed

Xiaomi PatchWall Kids is a parent's dream come true. Usually, TV sets only have one default mode. Anyone who uses it will be looking through the same TV show networks and movies. Both young and old audiences see the content shown in TV sets. Moreover, the filtering of TV shows and movies is not observed in default modes and it has been a problem for parents and guardians all over the world.

Parents and guardians not careful enough to filter out TV shows and movies made for older audiences might encounter problems of their kids accidentally watching TV shows and films not fit for their age range. Eshwar, the category lead of Xiaomi Technology, has just confirmed in a tweet on Twitter the release of Xiaomi Technology's newest TV feature: Kids Mode!

Xiaomi PatchWall Kids

Attached to the tweet is a video on how to use the Patchwall Kids Mode feature of Xiaomi Smart TV devices. According to Eshwar, the Kids Mode feature is the most highly-requested feature for Xiaomi Smart TV.

The PatchWall Kids Mode will exhibit an interface similar to the default mode of Xiaomi Smart TV devices. However, what makes it different from the default mode is its easy-to-learn navigation system through the mode and filtering of TV shows and movies. This feature includes five subfeatures: Kids Mode with Parental Lock, Safe Universal Search, Smart Curation, Free Edu Content, and Peace of Mind.

The subfeature Kids Mode with Parental Mode is a settings mode in which the selection of TV show and movie choices are limited to G ratings. Parents can control the things their kids watch on TV. Safe Universal Search is a search engine within a Xiaomi Smart TV in which only TV show and movie choices that have G ratings are shown by the letters punched in the search engine.

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Xiaomi Safe search

Smart Curation is a feature that uses a pin code password on the Home mode of a Xiaomi Smart TV. Kids will have a hard time entering the Home mode because of the set-up passwords by their parents or guardians.

For Free Edu Content, videos that contain educational content are offered for free in Xiaomi Smart TV devices. Kids will be able to access them in the PatchWall Kids Mode feature. These videos are meant to spike the various interests of children as they navigate their way through their personal mode in their Xiaomi Smart TV devices.

The last subfeature of the PatchWall Kids Mode feature is Peace of Mind. This is not an actual subfeature of the PatchWall Kids Mode feature. This is merely the state of mind parents and guardians will be having when they obtain the PatchWall Kids mode feature in their Xiaomi Smart TV devices.

The PatchWall Kids Mode feature will give parents and guardians a breather because it filters TV shows and movies made for older audiences. Xiaomi Technology has finished uploading its newest updates and every Xiaomi Smart TV device is ready to incorporate this update to its system.

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