Darkest Dungeon Is Celebrating Its New Butcher's Circus DLC With A Free Weekend: Here Are Some Tips To Help You Out!

A few months ago, Darkest Dungeon developer, Red Hook Studios, announced that they were working on downloadable content where you could engage in PvP with other players. Now, the new DLC known as Butcher's Circus is available for everyone to download for those who own Darkest Dungeon on Steam.

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Welcome To The Butcher's Circus

The new DLC Butcher's Circus is a drastic shift in the premise of Darkest Dungeon. Ever since the roguelike game came out four years ago, it has had players go through dangerous journeys into the dark and musty hallways of the namesake of the Darkest Dungeon.

Players have to safely navigate their party of heroes through horrors that would make them have mental breakdowns. The game has been developed for a single-player experience, so having a mode with a multiplayer twist to it is a fresh take on the game's world.

Red Hook Studios' DLC adds a location to the haunting hamlet called Butcher's Circus. This location is what the DLC is named after, and those who enter the circus can engage in PvP battles against other players.

Those who participate in the Butcher's Circus can assemble a party of four members, separated from the one you use in the game's primary campaign. The assembled party will have to rise through the ranks of PvP while using trinkets they find to obtain an advantage in battle.

Winning against the enemy will unlock banner components, which you can use to assemble their distinctive duelist heraldry. It isn't required, but if it interests you, then you'll have fun for sure.

Red Hook Studios has made the game free-to-play on Steam for a few days until June 1. The promotion is to celebrate the release of their new Butcher's Circus DLC.

If the game pulls you in and you want to keep playing it after the promotion is over, then the base game will have a 75% discount, while earlier DLCs will be 50% off during the free weekend.

But you might be lost on where to begin when you start playing, and you'll need tips on how not to be bad at the game.

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Easy Tips For An Easy Life In The Darkest Dungeon

The most challenging part of the Darkest Dungeon is the early game.

Upgrading your hamlet to the first upgrades, and then having to use heroes with nonexistent gear and zero resolve while having to save money is a delicate act to balance. This act might be a breeze for a few people, but some people will struggle with this when they continue on their journey.

The game will get progressively less challenging as you progress farther into the game and gain more advantageous upgrades for your heroes in the future. You'll garner enough trinkets eventually, which can give you many options and benefits.

If you aren't playing on the Stygian or Blood Moon difficulties, you don't have to worry about losing heroes or trinkets. Unless you get attached to your characters, then try not to be too attached.

The progress that you should be focusing on is upgrading your hamlet. You can receive a constant stream of heroes, but your hamlet is your only one.

If you feel like starting over after you've made progress, you'll restart the grind to get where you were.

It would be best if you dismissed all your heroes and recruited whoever is in the stagecoach instead of starting over from the beginning. This way, it will leave you with upgrades to your hamlet that you already have.

The most important tip is to play how you want. The Darkest Dungeon experience is about the danger-riddled and unfavorable situations that you get forced into and fight on even if you lose something.

If you can't handle losing things, then you aren't ready for the Darkest Dungeon.

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