Video Shows a Rat Aboard NASA's Rocket While in Space! Was This on the SpaceX Crew Dragon?

The SpaceX Crew Dragon was the first spaceship to send humans up into space once again from United States soil after quite a while but it seems like humans weren't the only ones on the rocket.

One of the astronauts admittedly carried a stuffed toy that his children had debated on and agreed should go to space with their father. The dinosaur stuffed toy has been making rounds on the internet as the first dinosaur to ever go to space!

A recent video has been circulating YouTube of a rat that is seen on SpaceX's Crew Dragon while in space! What makes it even more interesting is that the rat continues to move while in space! The video is uploaded to "NASA Going Nowhere Since 1958" which is not NASA's official YouTube channel.

Is the video fake or real?

The comment section has become quick to judge the whole situation as people started to realize that for one, the video was uploaded back in December of 2019 while two, the video was also uploaded to an unreliable channel on YouTube.

The channel that uploaded the video on YouTube had a NASA logo on it but instead of the word NASA, it was changed to the word "LIAR" in the same artistic fashion that easily imitated the official logo.

The disappointment was quick as the comment section pointed out that this did not happen to the recent launch meaning it was only the astronauts and the stuffed dinosaur that actually made it to space and not the rat.


Can rats survive in space?

Back in 2014 on, an article was published saying that NASA planned to do a rodent focused space expedition of "rat-stronauts" sending rodents to the International Space Station.

The trip never officially took place and although the article had high hopes for the rats to be launched possibly on the SpaceX Crew Dragon, the rats just weren't a priority. The ultimate priority of the recent launch is to send human beings to space once again from American soil after quite a while of not being able to send astronauts from the United States.

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Elon Musk, SpaceX, NASA

Elon Musk has had a wild journey with SpaceX in order to make this launch successful. From the many tweaks and failures in the past, the company has finally completed another milestone for humanity which means that they can now focus on a bigger goal in mind.

The CEO of Tesla and the space company was pretty vocal about being able to send human beings to Mars in the future and with the recent success of being able to send humans back into space, Elon Musk is one step closer to bring human beings to Mars which is a big step for SpaceX, NASA, and all of humanity.

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