[VIRAL] 16-Year-Old Rioter Won't Be Convinced By Black Man's Tearful Begs To Change His Approach

If you browse social media often, you may have seen this video pop up on your feed. You might have watched it already, but you might have scrolled past it. Whatever the case may be, this video will get you to feel something, at least.

If you think you won't feel a thing when you watch this video, you're wrong. You'll be crying by the time you finish watching the video. Others may have talked about being emotionally connected on a virtual level. This video will prove that it does happen.

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What's Going On In The Video?

The video's story isn't difficult to understand, so here's a simple explanation of what led to this moment.

Two men were having a debate. One man was around 30 years old, while the other was about 40 years old. The two debated what was going on with the country and how George Floyd's death was handled.

The resulting riots were something they were arguing about with each other. The younger of the two men argued that the riots weren't the right way of doing things, and he said it wouldn't work.

Afterward, he turned towards a 16-year-old rioter and tried to convince the boy to stop his rioting. He pleaded with him not to risk it being on the front lines of the movement.

The man told the 16-year-old that riots won't work and begged the young man, with tears in his eyes, to find a better way to do things.

It's challenging to convey this video's power with words, so you have to watch it yourself and experience the feelings on your own.

If you're interested in watching the video, watch it below:


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Where Did These Riots Come From In The First Place?

Are you wondering about what led to all of these riots? Here's a summary of the events that caused these riots to occur.

It all stems from the unfortunate death of George Floyd. Floyd was an African-American man that was suspected of forgery.

A police officer handcuffed him and then pinned him to the ground. But the officer didn't pin Floyd down in the right way, and he was pinning Floyd down with his knee to Floyd's neck.

Floyd's airflow had the officer's knee restricting it, leading to Floyd dying from suffocation. This act of police brutality angered many people due to the belief that Floyd was a victim of police brutality due to his race.

If this makes you hate all police officers, you shouldn't hate them all. This kind of police officer is not what makes up the entirety of every police force.

An example of a proper police officer is the sheriff who put his baton down to listen to a group of protesters. The protesters told the sheriff to walk with them, so he walked with the protestors.

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