Viewers Show Proofs 'Extraterrestrials' were Spotted and can be Seen on the SpaceX Dragon Live Stream

Upon the recent SpaceX Dragon success, it seems like viewers weren't just watching the spacecraft but also checking out for signs of UFOs! Social media has started to gather clips and screenshots of what viewers believed to be UFOs.


SpaceX Dragon spacecraft carrying two astronauts from NASA has successfully made it to the International Space Station over this recent weekend, May 31. In a certain video circulating YouTube, it was believed that a rat was able to climb on board the Dragon and hitch a ride into space!

Although confirmation of the rat has not yet been given, the video was mistaken for being part of the recent launch when it was in fact dated back in December 2019. The video was also uploaded on a YouTube channel without a reputable image meaning the video could in fact just be fake.

Aside from this, a dinosaur has also been making rounds across the internet. One of the astronauts decided to bring a stuffed toy dinosaur, which his kids agreed upon, all the way to space with the entire Crew Dragon.

SpaceX Dragon launch

The event was history in the making as Douglas Hurley along with Bob Behnken became two of the first astronauts to actually travel on a manned spaceship flight from the grounds of the United States in nine whole years! They are also the first astronauts to ever do so aboard a spacecraft manufactured by a certain private company.

There were thousands of people that all gathered outside of their homes in order to see a glimpse of the SpaceX Falcon 9,  the rocket carrying the entire Dragon capsule, making its way into space just below the moon, as it finally entered exited the atmosphere.

Although most people were busy reveling in awe of the amazing sight of the astronauts successfully making their way into space, some people looked at this as more than just a successful launch.

In fact, there were a significant number of people who watched the SpaceX live stream and claimed that they had finally seen a UFO.

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Social media reaction

The spotting of those UFOs have been getting popular on social media for both Twitter and Facebook. According to the known UFO expert who goes by the name Pedro Ramirez, there were two different UFOs spotted during the actual launch of the Falcon 9. However, these sights still need to be confirmed.


In a Facebook post, Ramirez explained that on May 30, 2020, there were two different UFOs that have actually been detected upon launch. The first one was seen close to Earth's stratosphere while the next one was seen closer to the SpaceX Crew Dragon.


Once the Dragon capsule was able to successfully make its way to the International Space Station, SpaceX CEO, and owner Elon Musk revealed that he was quite emotional with the whole launch saying he had a hard time keeping it in.

Musk said that he had put 18 long and dedicated years to this goal and the whole situation is still hard to believe. Elon Musk reveals once again that this could be another huge step towards civilization on Mars which is also in line with NASA and SpaceX's goals for the future.

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