[Sad News] Sony Officially Announces it will be Delaying its PS5 Event Due to BlackLivesMatter and George Floyd Protests

By Urian , Jun 01, 2020 09:47 PM EDT

Sony decides to delay its PS5 event. With the whole pandemic ongoing, it would be hard to think that things could get worse but they did. In a recent video that started to spread across the internet, a certain George Floyd was pinned down to the ground with a police officer pressing his knee on the man's head.

Although George Floyd begged the man saying "I can't breathe," the man did not move his knee and continued to press it against his neck for a full three minutes after the man was already unconscious. In total, the officer had his knee on the man's neck for about nine full minutes.

The death of George Floyd has sparked countless protests as people began to stand up to the injustice and racism displayed by the officer known as Derek Chauvin. The outrage turned from protests to looting affecting businesses like Amazon, Target, and even Apple.

Sony's decision

With the looting ongoing, it is in no way safe for Sony to release a PS5 event. The looting has become a huge problem as even black-owned stores have been affected while the looters do not discern the store owner anymore but proceed to destroy and steal.

The original event was scheduled to be released on June 4 but due to the uneasy status of the public, Sony has decided to postpone their event in fear that they may actually be attacked by looters and suffer damages.

The PS5 is one of the most exciting upcoming consoles and although it comes nearer to its launch, Sony has decided to take a step back making sure that the company does not suffer any damage from the ongoing looters that may affect the initial launch of their next-generation console.

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Sony's PS5 event

The event was initially going to be their public announcement regarding what fans are supposed to expect with the upcoming PlayStation revealing not just the console but also the collection of games that players would be able to play.

This huge event was supposed to be the birth of the upcoming console which even took fans by surprise as Sony decided to give a completely new look to the PS5 all the way to its controller with a futuristic touch.

Sony gave the announcement on their Twitter page saying they will officially be postponing their PlayStation 5 event until further notice.


BlackLivesMatter George Floyd

Although the intention of some protesters was to peacefully show their support and voice out how justice should be served for the family of George Floyd, looters were easily able to use this situation in carrying out malicious acts of vandalism, stealing, and destruction of not just public but also private property.

With the ongoing protests turned riots turned looting, Sony wants to save its launch for a better day. Fans will still be able to see the PS5, just not too soon.

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