A Creepy Face has Been Spotted in the Clouds in Terraria: Who Do You Think It Is?

A Reddit user by the name of IamJorho was playing Terraria late one night when he suddenly saw a face in the clouds in the game. It creeped him out when he was playing, which prompted him to share it online to discuss it with others.

If you're playing the game and spot the mysterious face in the clouds, you'd be as creeped out as the Reddit user was. But, who does the face belong to, and why is it in the clouds in the first place?

Who Is The Face In The Clouds?

What would your first theory be if you stumbled upon the face yourself? You might think it would be a random face of a random person, but that isn't the case.

The person that the face in the clouds belongs to is none other than the creator of Terraria and president of Re-Logic, Andrew Spinks, who is also known as Redigit.

Before he worked on Terraria, he was responsible for a fan-game called Super Mario Bros. X. Super Mario Bros. X was a fan-game that blended multiple Super Mario Bros. games.

Spinks has stated that his Redigit name came from an episode of The Simpsons, where Bart Simpson was talking about a gun made by the Remington firearms manufacturers. He misheard what Bart said, which he heard as "Redigit."

In February 2012, Spinks quit development on Terraria temporarily but returned to development on it in January 2013. This was when Re-Logic started working on an update for Terraria, the 1.2 update.

Early in the development cycle of the next update, the 1.3 update, Spinks started learning about different coding languages for his next project. But later on, he came back to help with the development of the update. 

When the 1.3 update was released, Spinks shifted his focus on Terraria: Otherworld. Three years later, Terraria: Otherworld would be confirmed to be canceled in April 2018.

It led him to continue working on Terraria, which eventually led to the release of the alleged final update, the 1.4 update.

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Why Did Andrew "Redigit" Spinks Put His Face In The Clouds?

We aren't sure if Spinks himself put it in the game or another member of the game's development team.

The most likely reason his face is in the clouds in the game might be a reference to a Terraria forum thread from years ago. You can find the post here.

In that forum thread, forum members edited Spinks' face onto random pictures for humor. There is no deep meaning behind it. It's solely for the laughs.

However, Spinks is known by the Terraria community to be someone that loves to mess with others. So maybe he is responsible for putting his face in the clouds of his own game.

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