[VIDEO] Before His Death, George Floyd Uploaded A Video Online As A Message To The Youth

George Floyd's death has been a catalyst for many events that have been happening in our world. He wasn't solely an African-American man that died by the hands of a corrupt white police officer. Floyd was more than that.

Before he died, he uploaded a video where he gave a message directed at African-American youths. If you're interested in seeing the video, watch it below:

What Is His Message In The Video?

In the video, Floyd says that it's clear that the younger generation is lost. It leaves him speechless to see what the youth are doing.

Floyd talks about how the youth runs around with guns in crowds, which leads to kids getting killed. This topic makes him reiterate that it's clear that it's the generation after his that is lost.

A man who Floyd met in Houston told him about how the youth having guns is being condoned. The man was against the younger generation involving themselves with gun violence.

Floyd continued by saying that most of the youth that go home after shooting their guns will go to bed with their knees shaking. These young people won't show anyone that their knees are shaking because it will show that they're not tough enough.

Floyd added that he wants the youth to come home. He says that it's going to be them and God, then continues with, "You're going up or you're going down."

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Is He Going To Get Justice?

Minnesota state authorities are working alongside the FBI to investigate the death of George Floyd. The investigation comes after footage that a bystander recorded showed that he was pinned down by a white police officer.

The four white police officers who were part of this horrid incident have been fired from their department. Their names are Derek Chauvin, J Alexander Kueng, Tou Thao, and Thomas Lane.

The most guilty of the four white police officers is Derek Chauvin. He was the police officer who pinned George Floyd to the ground using his knee on Floyd's neck. Chauvin kept Floyd pinned down for more than eight minutes even as Floyd struggled to breathe as he screamed out that he couldn't breathe.

Fortunately, the white police officer who killed George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, has been charged with the murder of George Floyd. He is now imprisoned at a maximum-security facility known as the Oak Park Heights prison.

The other three other officers who were involved with the death of George Floyd are still being investigated. But hopefully, they will be taken into custody as well.

Floyd's family's representing lawyer, Benjamin Crump, has stated that he firmly believes that Chauvin should have the charge of first-degree murder put against them. Chauvin's intent to murder was clear if you consider the time he kept his knee lodged in Floyd's neck.

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