Sony Confirms Release Date for PS5 This 2020: Here's What We Know About Price, Appearance, and Other Details

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is on the way to release on Christmas of this year, according to Sony's president and CEO. Many people are looking forward to the PS5's release, so they are all eager to confirm this release date.

What Makes The PlayStation 5 Good?

The next-generation high-tech video game console promises to provide more powerful hardware and advanced graphics. The loading times you experience in games on previous PlayStations will be eliminated almost entirely.

According to Sony, when you load a game up using the PS5, it will load ten times faster than it would on the PS4.

The appearance of the PS5 is still a mystery, but Sony has revealed its controller's design. The PlayStation 5's controller is called the DualSense.

DualSense will have a sci-fi look, and it will feature haptic feedback. Haptic feedback is when the controller makes you feel various sensations through it while you play.

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When Does The PlayStation 5 Come Out?

The new video game console was announced last year, but many people worried about the release date of the console being pushed back due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Jim Ryan, president of Sony, has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will still be released on the initially planned release date of this year's holiday season.

However, Ryan admitted that those who want to purchase the video game console when it launches would need a large wallet. The rumors say that the PS5 will cost you $450 each, but Sony hasn't announced the exact price of the console.

Ryan has stated how they can best address consumers' economic issues by giving consumers the best-valued proposition they can offer. He doesn't mean that they'll make the price the lowest they can go.

Details about the PS5 have been kept secret by Sony so far, which contrasts with Microsoft and their new console, the Xbox Series X.

The new consoles of Sony and Microsoft are expected to come out during the holiday season this year, but their release dates aren't confirmed yet.

The console is expected to sell well even if people are living under quarantine or lockdown. This expectation is due to how history has shown that video games have been a pastime and business that benefits from times where the economy is having a difficult time.

It's a logical theory since people won't have the money to spend on outdoor activities, so they'll be staying at home.

No one knows how deep and long the recession will be, and no one knows how it will look. The historic templates and models that have been applied in the past won't be useful in the future.

Sony and Microsoft haven't announced the exact price or release date of their consoles so far. However, Sony has announced a reveal event for the PlayStation 5. It was initially planned to happen on June 4 but has since been delayed.

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