Game Producer Take-Two Tries to Poach Game Developer Star Theory Employees After Canceled Contract

Bloomberg stated in an article that some of Star Theory's employees were relieved from their job positions as game developers of the sequel of the classic game Kerbal Space Program by the game publisher Take-Two Interactive Software, IncIn December 2019, these Star Theory employees acquired messages in their individual LinkedIn profiles. The messages were about recruitment from a publishing company that's neither Star Theory nor Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

The Star Theory employees found it odd that a different publishing company was approaching them for game development purposes when they already had official contracts with Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. to develop a game. However, it came as a shock for the Star Theory employees as they continue to read the message.

Star Theory employees

The message stated that the game these Star Theory employees were developing for the past two years would be officially canceled and removed from the Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. institution. In addition to this, the message continued on by stating that Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is currently in the works of creating a brand new game developing studio for the canceled game. The game will continue to be developed once the studio is fully set up.

Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.'s executive, Michael Cook, expressed his sentiments on the issue. Cook stated that Take-Two's decision of cancelling the game from further development was a hard settlement that Take-Two had to endure.

However, the decision was finalized because of the possibility of business affairs affecting the game's development. He also stated that Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. encourages people interested in applying for game developing positions within the company.

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Take-Two's decision to call off the developing game of the Star Theory employees and the way they were informed came as a baffling shock to them. Major decisions like these were usually discussed with the involved teams in meetings, whether it be face-to-face or through online video platforms. The teams involved are not the only ones informed of these decisions but also the whole company.

If meetings like these are not possible, at the very least, the head members of Star Theory Games would have emailed these employees individually in a formal manner. As made evident earlier, the only piece of information the Star Theory employees received were messages they got from their individual LinkedIn profiles.

In response to the issue, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. stated in the message that Take-Two is hiring Star Theory's game development teams to continue the development of the sequel of Kerbal Space Program. 

Star Theory employees

On the Monday after the Star Theory employees received the message, the founders of Star Theory, Bob Berry and Jonathan Mavor, called for a company-wide meeting. Berry and Mavor had been talking about selling Star Theory to Two-Take Interactive Software, Inc. However, due to the circumstances, they were unsure whether to sell Star Theory or not.

The sudden halt to the game's development worried Star Theory's employees. Berry and Mavor, however, reassured their staff that Star Theory is not bankrupt and that they are working to find other game developing deals.

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