You Can Now Mark Specific Content in YouTube with the New "Chapters" Feature: Here's How to Use It

People who constantly use Youtube always encounter this one problem with Youtube. Whenever a viewer watches a long video and doesn't finish watching it, the viewer must remember the time stamp where he/she stops watching. However, viewers tend to forget the time stamps and are forced to find the exact moment they stopped watching a long video.

In addition to this, viewers usually depend on their favorite YouTubers' video descriptions in their search for their favorite scenes or clips of a video. This is not the case for every Youtuber because not every Youtuber indicates specific time stamps on his/her video descriptions.

The announcement on Twitter

Some viewers have also braved through long videos of their favorite YouTubers to provide their fellow viewers with specific time stamps, which their fellow viewers can use as a guide when watching these long videos. Well, have no fear, ladies and gentlemen! Youtube has just announced on its official Twitter account of its newly released feature: Chapters.

The tweet mentioned that the developers of Youtube have heard the general public's opinions on the matter and have decided to add the "Chapters" feature. Chapters is a feature in which a video is segmented into different parts. Each segment is labeled in reference to the specific scene of each segment. 

Youtube also stated in the tweet that Youtube content creators are encouraged to try the Chapters feature by adding timestamps starting at 0:00 to their video descriptions. This is to give the viewers a chance to locate their favorite parts of the videos they are watching. Moreover, Youtube encourages viewers to look through the progress bars of the videos they are watching to find the things they are specifically looking for.

Attached to the tweet is a video demonstration on how the Chapters feature works in a Youtube video. Sure enough, the video showed the segmented parts of the video progress bar and how each segment exhibited labels for viewers to read to help them get an inkling on what each section is specifically about.

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YouTube's announcement

People on Twitter have commented on Youtube's official announcement on the new Chapters feature. A mix of positive and negative opinions on the topic was expressed in the thread section of the tweet.

A Twitter user, @mariofan48, commented on the matter and stated a prediction of his. The prediction was of a Youtube announcement 10 years from now. It stated that Youtube statistics has discovered that only 0.2% of the total users of Youtube make use of the Chapters feature and that Youtube will be completely removing the Chapters feature in its next update.

This prediction denotes a negative connotation within the Twitter user's tweet. To be able to use the Chapters feature effectively, a Youtube content creator must include at least three segments (or chapters) consisting of 10 seconds or more in each chapter for a Chapters feature to be established in a video. Moreover, they must also start adding chapters at 0:00 to make a cohesive and chronological outline for the video.

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