[Hacker Alert] Be Aware of these 3 Fake VPN Apps!

The internet is a vast place for many functions and although the internet has proven itself useful for the most part, it cannot be denied that later along the way, malicious activities have started to take place online causing destruction and havoc along the way.

This main reason is why internet security is very important. One thing that upgrades your internet security is getting yourself a good VPN. Hackers can access your IP address without a VPN making hacking very easy to do. Before understanding why having a VPN is very important, here's how hackers trick the internet into stealing your data.


The first thing that a hacker will do in order to access your data is to first find out what IP address are you using. This means the hacker has to find out what your location is in order to begin the hacking.


Once the hacker has found out where your device is located by pinpointing what IP address you use, the hacker can easily duplicate your information and trick the internet into thinking that the one still using the account is the main user where in fact, it is now the hacker.


Once the hacker has your identity, it will be much easier for them to access almost all of your information by either gathering it or in worse cases, controlling your account to spread even more harmful data.

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Having a VPN helps you reroute your IP address which means that hackers won't be able to initially trace where you are coming from therefore creating a layer of security. This way, hackers will not know how to target you specifically unless, of course, they are very skilled.

With the awareness of hacking growing even more prominent in society, it seems like hackers have devices their own scheme, selling fake VPNs that actually cause you harm instead of hiding your address!

Avast is one of the more reliable internet and computer security software you can download in order to protect yourself from getting hacked. Just recently, the company was able to uncover three different VPN services that were actually essential as part of a scam! The data was collected by their partner Sensor Tower and the apps were tested hundreds of thousands of times between April 2019 and May 2020.

3 fake VPNs to stay away from

  1. Beetle VPN

  2. Buckler VPN

  3. Hat VPN Pro

According to Avast, the subscription was really cheap but when a user downloads and installs the app, they won't be able to access any form of service prompting them to pay again or quit. This easy scam is not only annoying but it is also alarming that hackers and scammers have now decided to use fake VPNs in order to make money or to access any sensitive information.

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