Free Netflix Alternatives And More: How You Can Pass Time Without Emptying Your Wallet

Are you looking for a way to entertain yourself while also saving your precious money? If you're paying for services that are draining your wallet, swap them out now. There are free alternatives to Netflix, Apple Music, GrubHub, and DoorDash that you can use as soon as possible.

These free alternatives won't get you the particular experience of the paid originals, but it's a close enough deal. If your employment has been affected by the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, then you're most likely looking to save your money when you can.

Most of the free services on this list will have ads, unlike the alternatives you pay for. You won't be able to download your shows or movies, and you won't be able to listen to music offline. But some of these have deals where you can remove the ads for free due to the COVID-19 pandemic, so you can take advantage of those deals right now.

Here are free alternatives for the paid subscription services so you can stay entertained without spending much money at all.

Netflix Alternative: Sony's Crackle

A free alternative to Netflix is Crackle from Sony. It's a streaming service where you can watch movies and a select few television series, and they also offer original content.

The movies you find will range from old classics to modern hits. The television shows will be a selection of over a hundred shows.

You can watch content on Crackle without having to sign up, and you can use Crackle on almost every device. It has an app on every major streaming device, mobile platforms, and game consoles.

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Apple Music Alternative: Spotify

A popular free alternative to Apple Music is Spotify. Spotify is considered by many as one of, if not, the best music streaming service you can find.

Spotify is easy to use and its catalog is extensive with many songs from various artists. This music streaming service is compatible with basically every device. You can listen to the songs on the service for free, but there are ads now and then.

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, you can get three months of Spotify Premium for free. Spotify Premium removes the ads and much more. You can redeem the free Premium offer if you have Spotify Free or if you haven't been subscribed to Premium before.

Third-Party Delivery Service Alternative: Calling Directly

If you're looking to replace DoorDash or Grubhub, then this free alternative will be of interest to you. The free alternative is to call the restaurant itself. These third-party food delivery apps usually charge large fees that make your bill more expensive than it has to be.

It would help your wallet and local restaurants if you call the restaurants you want food from directly so that you can pick up your food or they can deliver it to you themselves.

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