Ever Wanted A 4G-Capable Mobile Phone With A Dialer? You Can Get One Of Your Own Soon!

If a modern smartphone is too much for you with its unnecessary features, like a touch screen and camera, then maybe consider getting this mobile phone with an analog dialer and 4G capabilities.

Recently, due to the coronavirus pandemic, video calls are something we've had to go through due to work or school. It's a great way to stay connected with our loved ones, friends, or our professional lives. Video calls can start to feel overbearing when you have to ensure you and your background look presentable

A recent invention has been dubbed the solution to the problem of overwhelming video calls. It's called the Rotary Cellphone, which is a mobile phone that boasts a rotary analog dialer keyboard and 4G capabilities. The person responsible for creating it is the aerospace engineer Justine Haupt.

You might remember how landlines from back then used a rotary analog dialer. To use the dialer, you had to put your finger on the number you wanted to select, then turn the dial. You'd remember this if you're old enough, which isn't a bad thing to remember.

What Is The Rotary Cellphone?

The rotary analog dialer has been adapted into a mobile phone by Justine Haupt, which eliminates the need for a touch screen and makes using a camera obsolete. It may seem like a radical solution to ending the need to have video calls, but it could help keep your touch screen addiction at bay.

Earlier this year, the initial version of the Rotary Cellphone was able to be created yourself using a 3D printer, but it was only capable of 3G. However, the newer version will now receive improvements by being upgraded to handle 4G and much more.

The only screen that the Rotary Cellphone has is an electronic ink display that shows you various information such as the number you're talking to with the phone. You can also put in an SD card so you can save and load contacts.

The Rotary Cellphone has a system for vibrations and it doesn't make any sounds. This system makes you notice if it vibrates in any of your pockets, but it won't distract you if you leave it on your desk while you're doing work.

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What're The Advantages Of Having A Rotary Cellphone?

You can repair any part of the Rotary Cellphone, which was designed to last for a long time. You can 3D print each part, or you can replace the circuit if that's the only component that has been damaged.

You won't have to search for cheap mobile phones if you have a Rotary Cellphone. You don't have to think much about purchasing it since it costs a small amount and its use is simple enough that it won't warrant a higher price.

As mentioned above, the first iteration of the Rotary Cellphone was made to be a mobile phone you could create yourself using a 3D printer to make its casing. There has been a high demand for it though, which is why they will be releasing the advanced 4G version of the mobile phone by the end of this year via Sky's Edge.

If you want a simple mobile phone but still want to be connected to others while having 4G capabilities, the Rotary Cellphone is worth checking out.

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