Samsung Teases Amazing Upgrades To The Galaxy S20 Series That Will Be Released Sooner Than You Thought

It seems Samsung is teasing two interesting upgrades to its Galaxy S20 series. The upgrades look like they'll be amazing new additions to the series. They also revealed that you won't have to wait too long to get one of your own.

As reported by SamMobile, their sources in South Korea have stated that the announcement from Samsung regarding the line-up for the Galaxy Note 20 is happening on August 5. The earliest of the range's releases, as well as the Galaxy Fold 2 that people are excited for, will be launching at the same time.

The event will be different from the other launches Samsung has held. Understandably, SamMobile revealed that the launch event would be a fully virtual online launch. However, Samsung is trying its best to fix the problems that expensive Galaxy S20 models have. 

Samsung aims to change the name of the Galaxy Note 20 to the Galaxy Note 20 Plus. Then, they'll shift the price to match what the S20 Plus goes for instead of their initially planned price. There isn't much information on the Galaxy Fold 2, but the available information is impressive.

What's So Good About These Upgrades?

However, the flagship device Galaxy Note 20 seems to be taking up every headline as Samsung exceeds expectations and jams in various upgrades onto the Galaxy S20 lineup.

Upgrades include a new display that's efficient with power, larger storage, better-performing RAM, next-generation biometrics, advanced 45W charging, and a high-resolution camera that is a direct upgrade of the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera.

Samsung is surprisingly aggressive, which might be because they are trying to hoard all the good parts so that Apple's plans for their iPhone 12 are held back.

There are only two months before then and Samsung and Apple are having a brand new price war that will hopefully create the best smartphones to come out this year. However, Samsung has plans for next year, so look forward to their upcoming surprises.

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What Are Samsung's Secret Plans For The Future?

Last month, Samsung unveiled a great innovation meant for their future Galaxy devices. They unveiled their new Wireless Charging Specification that works using NFC. Also, it can be used to let devices send and receive data from each other.

Their innovation is similar to the Galaxy flagship device's Wireless Powershare feature, which lets devices charge other devices. The new WLC is going to be standard for the industry and Samsung will have Google, Songy, Huawei, and Apple on board to help.

It only works at a modest 1W, which means that it aims to charge devices from smartphones rather than smartphones charging devices. However, this may lead to new wireless chargers that are more compact and more power-efficient.

The major phone manufacturers are working together on developing this, so it is an exciting development to watch. Unfortunately, a roadmap for this has not been released to the public.

When will this innovation be released to the public? Samsung has had its roadmap state that it will be coming in 2021. However, this roadmap is from 2019 when they announced their partnership with AMD.

Samsung will be launching the Exynos 1000 next year as well, so the company is surely preparing to be the top phone company around for a long while.

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