[Rumor] Elon Musk's Visit to the UK Might Mean that the Next Tesla Gigafactory Could Be in England

A recent article by  The Next Web pointed out that a starting Tesla rumor actually had a notable amount of truth attached to them. Tesla, right now, does seem like they are planning to potentially build a massive Gigafactory over in England, UK.

Just last week, the industry magazine called Property Week made a statement saying the UK government along with Tesla were scouting for a 4 million square foot location for them to be able to build a new electric vehicle factory.

Elon Musk flight

According to a report from The Times that just recently surfaced and its match with Elon's flight schedule, it seems like the SpaceX and Tesla CEO is bouncing around making quick visits to scout locations just last week.

Musk also reportedly flew all the way to the UK aboard his private jet, which had already landed at Luton located north of London. Musk had spent only 19 hours on the ground before taking off again.

The internet sleuths started to track the billionaire's flight paths as the private jet made the whole transatlantic crossing just shortly after the Tesla CEO had announced on Twitter that he was going to take a break from you guessed it, also from Twitter.

There is still no official confirmation as to what locations are being scouted by Musk, but the report still suggests that he visited somewhere southwest of England in order to take a look at a wide 650-acre site located just outside of Bristol.

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Possible factory in Europe

The location previously used to be the home of a factory that was used by an older aerospace firm known as BAE Systems. If Tesla decides to settle on this particular site, it could still build one of the largest buildings in all of England.

It is also important to note that according to The Next Web, everything is still a speculation and there has not yet been any official confirmation from Elon Musk himself regarding whether or not there will be a Tesla Gigafactory in England.

Musk also previously vetoed the UK as a great potential site for a huge Gigafactory, saying that Brexit actually made things a bit too risky. Instead, the company then opted for a site located in Germany for it to serve as its strong European manufacturing arm.

Sometime earlier this year, the EV company then broke ground on its next Gigafactory located in Germany.

UK wants to shift to electronic vehicles

The UK has announced its plans to shift towards electric vehicles by the year 2035 and is now beginning the transition by offering cash incentives to those who decide to make that switch.

This could also support the rumor that Elon Musk is planning to set up a Gigafactory in England in order to strengthen Tesla's reach in the European market.

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