Elon Musk Provides Insight Into Pictures of Ice-Filled Mars' Crater Circulating the Internet

Elon Musk comes back to Twitter after some time off. Elon Musk is back in the Twitterverse again after his worldwide announcement of some time off from the social media application on June 2, 2020. One of his latest tweets on Twitter was a remark on planet Mars having a substantial amount of icy water in one of its craters.

The tweet is a comment on @latestinspace's tweet of split images of Mars's northern polar crater filled with what appears to be an icy substance. The tweet was posted on June 7, 2020. The image was taken by ESA's (European Space Agency) Mars Express. @latestinspace replied back to Musk's tweet on the icy crater of Mars. The Twitter user mentioned that it was crucial for Mars to have craters that contain water and ice.


This is because it confirms that Mars has sustainable matter within it. The Twitter user then proceeded to cheer Mars on. People in the Twitterverse have also expressed their delight on the matter, claiming they want to go to Mars and the hope of a possibility that Mars is a sustainable planet.

Mars: The Red Planet and the ice-filled Crater

According to Space, another name for the planet Mars is "The Red Planet." This is because Mars exhibits a red color all throughout its exterior surface. Some would even say that Mars resembles the colors of rust in its entirety. The reason why Mars exhibits a red and rust color is that the soil of Mars is rich in minerals that contain iron particles and molecules.

The iron particles and molecules within the soil of Mars go through an oxidation process, allowing the ground to appear red and look rusty. Because of the warm red color Mars shows, Mars is also tagged, by the general public, as one of those planets that exhibit warm temperatures. However, EarthSky states that Mars showcases features that indicate Mars has cold temperatures within its atmosphere and environment.

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EarthSky referenced ESA's recent image of Mars's Korolev Crater. The picture shows an aerial view of the Korolev Crater. What is most evident in the picture is the striking contrast of the icy substance within the crater and the red and rusty-colored soil of Mars. EarthSky stated that in various areas of Mars, specifically its craters, polar ice caps are seen.

The properties of these polar ice caps on Mars consists of water in ice form and carbon dioxide in ice form. Since Mars is known for its rusty-looking environment, these polar ice caps stand out in Mars's horizon.

Elon Musk and Mars

When Elon Musk commented on @latestinspace's tweet, people on the Twitterverse grew curious about the matter. However, as stated by EarthSky, the image posted by @latestinspace was released by ESA almost two years ago on December 20, 2018.

As mentioned earlier, @latestinspace tweeted about Mars's Korolev Crater filled like a polar ice cap on June 7, 2020. The tweet is a repost of ESA's old announcement on Mars's icy Korolev Crater.

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