Elon Musk Liked a Twitter Post About 3D Concept Comparing Crew Dragon and Starship Size: Sign of Approval?

After the recent success of SpaceX's Dragon sending two astronauts into space after a long period of time, Elon Musk has been emotionally enjoying the fruits of years and years that he poured into the company. Humanity's interest in SpaceX has also grown in size as the accomplishment was not just for the company but also for humanity itself.

Twitter approval?

The success of sending two NASA astronauts into space has garnered popular attention as people from all over the web have started to visualize once again and relive their dreams of space travel, just recently, a certain 3D concept comparison between the Crew Dragon and the Starship was posted on Twitter.

Guess what, Elon Musk himself liked the post! Could this be a sign of approval? The Tesla and SpaceX CEO is known for his antics on Twitter and the shade he's thrown to whatever he feels like saying.


Other Tesla shareholders reportedly had a hard time when it came to handling Musk because of his Twitter antics to the point that they decided on a notion that was later on rejected to stop the CEO from using his Twitter.

The Tesla shareholders filed a formal lawsuit against Musk's use of Twitter which meant that the contents of the billionaire's Twitter page were already way too much for the Tesla shareholders to actually handle.

Elon Musk has recently expressed his thoughts about Jeff Bezos' Amazon saying capitalism is very wrong and that it is time to go the opposite direction. It seems like the feud between Musk and Bezos is getting bigger than expected.

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SpaceX achievements

SpaceX has had a good year after the recent success of its Starlink mission aimed to provide better internet connection across the globe making globalization even more feasible and technological advancements way faster.

The most recent success, of course, was the launch of their crew dragon that sent two NASA astronauts all the way to the International Space Station otherwise known as the ISS. This mission was successful and humanity, along with Elon Musk, has been rejoicing at this new achievement.

The billionaire has been very open about his future plans for SpaceX and their work with NASA. It was publicly stated that they aim to someday be able to colonize Mars and be able to extend humanity's reach past Earth.

For now, the Mars mission could still be a few years away but with the recent success of the Crew Dragon, things are looking brighter than ever for the upcoming Mars mission but before that, Elon Musk also stated that they have a stepping stone to accomplish, the moon.

SpaceX's Elon Musk and NASA aims to start moon mining and developing a base as well as a training ground on the moon in order to prepare them for their voyage to Mars.

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