Cardi B in White Bikini Flaunts Natural Look with No Makeup on Instagram Video

Cardi B shows off her natural hair locks on Instagram story In her world concerts and her appearances on prestigious fashion shows such as the Met Gala, anyone would notice that Cardi B has a knack for sporting wigs and hair extensions when in the spotlight.

Moreover, the makeup that Cardi B always wears has always been the kind to be heavily set on her face and not just to accentuate her facial features. She, thus far, has sported beaded hair extensions, crazy colored wigs, teased up hairstyles, subtle beachy waves, and a whole lot more. Because of her constantly changing hairstyles, it is quite the challenge to keep up with what Cardi B's real hair looks like.


Cardi B's natrual looks

The makeup that the American rapper wears also covers up the natural features of her face, making it hard for people to see her with a bare look. In an article by Mail Online, it was stated there that Cardi B showed to the world through her Instagram stories her natural hair locks and her bare face. On June 8, 2020, she showed in her Instagram stories her hair care routine for when she is at home.

In the Instagram stories, Cardi B was seen video recording her daughter's head. She was caressing her daughter's head, showing the world what her daughter's hair is naturally like if her daughter does not use conditioner. It was seen in the video that her daughter has naturally very curly hair if she does not use conditioner to tame the curls.

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Instagram Video

After she video recorded her daughter's hair, she video recorded herself without any makeup on and her signature wigs. As she mentioned earlier in the video, she also did not use conditioner on her hair to bring out the natural features of her hair. In contrast to her daughter's curly hair, Cardi B's hair was not as curly as her daughter's. In fact, her hair is naturally straight.

She mentioned in the video that the hair she was sporting in the video was her natural hair texture and that, usually, her hair would naturally puff up after sporting two-day old hair. Before the video was posted, the famous rapper showed a step-by-step guide on how she makes her hair mask to tame her puffy hair.

She uses a mixture of avocados and its oil, argan oil, and mayonnaise to create her natural hair care home remedy. She stated in the video that the good things people eat should be put on their hair as well so that their hair can stay healthy. However, one should not douse their hair in soda because that is not healthy at all.

Cardi B posted on her succeeding Instagram stories how she applies her natural hair care home remedy mixture to her hair. In addition to this, she posted several pictures of her younger days wherein she sports her natural hair.

A few hours after the release of her bare face and natural hair reveal Instagram story, Cardi B updated her Instagram followers on how her hair feels after she washed the hair mask off.

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