Busted! Video Shows Reporter 'Fakes' Setting a "Good" Example by Only Putting Face Mask for Camera

A video on Youtube of a reporter exposed for only wearing a face mask while doing his live news reports has just been posted. The video was recorded by a man talking to the reporter about his face mask wearing only during his live news reports. The reporter in the video was telling the man video recording him his side of the story of only wearing face masks during broadcasted TV news reports.

Both sides continued to banter about their opinions on the face mask issue. The video recording man called the reporter out for saying the exact same things as other news reporters say in his live news reports. The reporter then stated that everything he reports on his reports are purely his and that no one else tells him what to say on national TV.


Video recording

He then proceeded to say that he has no idea what the video recording man was talking about. The video recording man then said to him, in a sarcastic tone, that he knows as well. The two men bid each other goodbye in a professional manner after their heated argument.

The reporter went ahead and put on his face mask after that and the video recording man started laughing when the reporter put his face mask on. The video recording man told him that he didn't have his face mask on the whole time and asked him why he was putting it on now.

The video then shifted to face another man within the area. The other man turned out to be the cameraman that was about to film the reporter for his live news report. The cameraman was seen with no mask on as well and was also questioned by the video recording man.

The reporter revealed that the television channel he works in told him and his fellow news reporters that they are to showcase the guidelines in wearing face masks to set an example for others.

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Coronavirus and Face Masks

As made evident by everyone in the world, the coronavirus has taken its toll in every region of this world. People are now required to wear face masks to lessen and prevent the spread of this deadly virus. The World Health Organization, or WHO, has declared that there is a current global outbreak of the coronavirus disease.

The coronavirus disease can fan out to people by exposing themselves to saliva droplets or nose discharge from others. WHO advises people to protect themselves by wearing face masks when interacting with others. By doing this, people that have colds and cough can contain their saliva droplets and nose discharge within their face masks and not infect other people.

Another precautionary measure that WHO tells people to practice is social distancing. People must limit themselves from interacting closely with other people to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.

As of this moment, there are no known vaccines for the coronavirus disease. On the bright side, many research facilities in many different parts of the world are formulating a vaccine against this virus.

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