Bullied Dreamer Lands NASA Internship After Being Told It Was "Impossible" Due to Her Ethnicity and Gender

Becoming an astronaut is one of the more popular things a child says when asked what they want to be in the future. Despite this beautiful goal, the road to becoming a scientist is hard, expensive, and requires a whole lot of luck.

Most kids grow up to pursue roles in society that are generally available to the majority and only a small section of people are able to land their dream job. Being an astronaut is a really hard journey but a certain dreamer was able to achieve it.

Linkedin post

A post on Linkedin by a certain Janelisse Morales Gonzalez revealed the story of a young dreamer who did not give up no matter what. The post was uploaded on June 2 of this year.

According to the post, Janelisse was only six years old when she dreamed of actually making a difference and to work for NASA one day in the future. The young Janelisse set her eyes on NASA at an early age.

Six years ago, Janelisse decided to take up an aerospace engineering degree track over at her community college. This course is not amongst the popular courses filled with the majority of students.

Three years ago, she was also bullied by someone she did not expect. Her professor bullied her for her dreams of working in the space industry and even told her that it was "impossible" because of both her ethnicity and her gender.

Two years ago, she was finally accepted to go to the University of Central Florida and this was when the doubts and questioning started. She asked herself if engineering was really that worth it.

About a year ago, Janelisse sent over 150+ internship applications without receiving any response other than rejections but there was a single internship offer that she received two months ago.

The post ends with a happy conclusion by saying "Today, I start my first day as a NASA intern."


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NASA and SpaceX

SpaceX has recently been able to forward the work humanity has done when it comes to space exploration and other significant accomplishments like launching Starlink which aims to provide better internet connection globally.

Just recently, SpaceX has been able to send NASA astronauts all the way to space in the Crew Dragon. This is significant for humanity since the it has been around 10 years before the United States was able to send astronauts to the International Space System or ISS.

NASA, along with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, have both been public about their plans to extend humanity's reach to Mars. After the first launch to the ISS, SpaceX and NASA plan to go to the moon once again as training and preparation for the biggest voyage ever, to Mars!

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