The 'Ugo Robot' Intended To Replace Aging Workers Is Now Used To Help With The Coronavirus

The Ugo robot created by the Japanese robotics start-up Mira Robotics was initially designed to be a backup workforce for the ageing workers in Japan. The ageing workforce was slowly shrinking, which makes the robot more useful. However, the threat of the coronavirus against the world has given the Japanese robotics start-up to use their robot as a helping hand against the battle against the COVID-19 outbreak.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has shown that we need robots since they can reduce the amount of direct contact that happens between humans. This statement is what is on the minds of those at the Japanese start-up.

Mira Robotics has had many people inquire with them about the robots. Some of the people giving inquiries come from France and Singapore.

Tell Me About The Ugo Robot

The most recently developed feature of the remote controlled robot, or avatar robot, is an attachment to its hand that uses an ultraviolet light to kill viruses on various surfaces.

Japan has been suffering from a decline in its population that hasn't been seen before. It's causing the workforce to shrink exponentially, and the country would prefer not to outsource labor from foreign countries. The country is deciding to develop more robots to fill up the growing amount of vacant positions.

The amount of urgent help needed related to the coronavirus is furthering the advancement of robots in the country.

The Ugo robot from Mira Robotics is a robot that is composed of robotics arms that has an adjustable height. The arms are mounted on a set of wheels that an operator controls with a game controller connected wirelessly to a laptop. The robot has a rangefinder laser placed on its base that helps it navigate, while there's a screen at the top of the robot with friendly eyes.

If you want to learn how to use the robot, it will take about half an hour to learn. An operator can control a maximum of four robots.

Renting an Ugo robot will cost approximately $1,000 each month you rent one. You can deploy it as a security guard, an equipment inspector, a toilet cleaner, and many other simple labor jobs.

Maybe you can even use the robot in an office building in the future.

Mira Robotics is a two years old start-up and it has only a single Ugo robot operating at a Tokyo office building.

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What is Robotics?

Robotics involves a little bit of science and engineering. It deals with creating and constructing robots, as well as programming them.

It deals with multiple disciplines of engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, and other types of engineering.

Robots can often do things that humans can't do. They can be used to find bombs or go to places that are too dangerous for humans.

People make robots look like humans, but most robots will look like machines.

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