AGT 2020: Homeless Mother Sings The Rolling Stones' "Gimme Shelter" and Gets a Golden Buzzer from Heidi Klum

America's Got Talent might have just seen, according to Simon Cowell the toughest judge on the entire show, maybe "one of the best singers" that the show has ever experienced. Christina Rae apparently "blew the roof off" of the entire building during the third night of the ongoing auditions on Tuesday along with an emotional performance originally by The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter.

The choice of song was apparently significant to Rae who mentioned that she had come to AGT in order to change her life after previously battling homelessness even while pregnant with her own son Jeremiah.


Christine Rae golden buzzer

According to Rae's statement onstage, while also holding her teeny tiny timid toddler in one hand and also her microphone in her other hand, she needed the performance to change her life because as shown, she was a single mother that was living in her own vehicle even while she was pregnant.

She then said that she wants the performance to change her life by giving her and her toddler a home, her home and for her toddler to actually have a room of her own. Rae's own powerhouse vocals mixed together with the song's positively moving lyrics brought all the judges to their feet for a whole standing ovation.

According to Simon Cowell, there is only a single way to describe her voice, the performance was "insanely good" after he flashed his own signature thumbs up. Simon then said there is absolutely no single point in making shows just like that one unless they could find people just like Rae saying "I adore you."

Both Sofia Vergara and also Heidi Klum said that Rae's own performance gave them the "chills." Klum said that she thought that her singing was absolutely out of this entire world and that her heart was racing fast for you. Klum then asked if she was ready for this right now before saying she was going to push the golden buzzer for her.

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Heidi Klum's decision

Klum also said that she was definitely amazing and that she wanted to have the house that she wanted. Klum also said she was on the right track and she was on the way to getting it at the exact moment. The golden buzzer then sent Christine Rae straight to the final show.

Despite the success, Rae's own golden moment might have not actually happened. She actually wanted to audition the popular "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins right before Cowell decided to request another song from Rae.

Simon Cowell asked if he could hear the second song along with asking her if she wanted water before she started. Christine Rae then remained unfazed and also harnessed her own nervousness along with excitement into her own winning rendition. She said that she was going to let the adrenaline take her away.

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