AT&T Prepaid Plans Now Offer as Low as $20 Per Month or only $0.67 Per Day!

AT&T has recently rolled out a whole new couple of prepaid wireless options aimed to make the multi-month plans just like the long offered plans by other companies just like Mint Mobile.

Right under these brand new deals, AT&T prepaid customers will be enjoying the option of pre-paying for a number of months at a certain time, this should ultimately score yourself a discount on the whole per-month basis compared to the standard paying per month. Right now, the wireless company now uses two different multi-month plans finally available.

How to avail AT&T prepaid discounts

The new multi-month wireless plans are actually quite simple to understand. Here's the process:

  1. Pick out a plan
  2. Pay for three or more months all at once
  3. Get the discount
  4. Enjoy the lower monthly price

There is, of course, a potential downside which means that you can't really refund these months in most of the cases, this means you'll be stuck with the carrier for how many other months you prepay despite the decision that you might want to switch.

These different plan options are quite ideal for the different prepaid wireless customers who are definitely satisfied with the carrier that they are using and also who are willing to stick to the company for a while.

Mint Mobile competition

Competitors like the Mint Mobile is perhaps currently the best-known prepaid carrier that is offering multi-month plans, after this, AT&T is finally getting into the mix. The company has finally introduced the new two multi-month prepaid plans, which will each be offering 8GB of new high-tech high-speed mobile data that should be added on top of the unlimited talk and text. Customers now have the option to prepay for either three whole months or 12 months of data service.

This new three-month AT&T Prepaid plan will only cost you $99, this results in customers only having to pay $33 per month. The new 12-month prepaid plan now costs $300, which then works out to only $25 per month! These rates might still be a bit more expensive compared to competitors, though the consumers might still be willing to pay a little more for the popular AT&T network.

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The Mint Mobile Monthly prepaid plan

The Mint Mobile, for example, now offers 12GB of high-tech high-speed data for the price of $25 per month which is on its 12-month prepaid plan, the company's three-month 8GB plan is only priced at $20.

With most telecommunication companies cutting down on rates, it is understandable that this company tries to do the same. Everyone is struggling during the pandemic which means that mobile data, although a concern, is not a primary concern as of the moment.

AT&T is looking for ways to make the price of their prepaid plans more affordable to the general public.

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