Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: Putting a Screen Protector Could Void Your Warranty

Putting a screen protector on your Samsung Galaxy Z flip could potentially void your warranty. According to an article by Slash Gear, foldable phones are actually both fancy and also feel quite futuristic but the downside is that they could also be extremely fragile, at the least as far as that new hi-tech screen actually goes.

Samsung, Motorola, and even Huawei have already taken great pains in order for them to ensure the flexible and foldable screens do not easily get all dinged. Owners might certainly be worried up to the point that they will opt to put on a screen protector on their own foldable phones.

Putting a screen protector, however, on your own Galaxy Z Flip, could potentially cause you more problems later on.

Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip

The company has openly discouraged the use of screen protectors on its own foldable phones, both on the original Galaxy Fold along with the clamshell new Galaxy Z Flip. 

Its official reason could come off as a boast, saying the screen is already tough enough to withstand certain scratches and accidents but based on real-world use, this is however not the same feedback and according to the article, is not entirely true.

Sensitive screens and their problem

The ironic truth is actually that the screen is very much more sensitive that the user will risk damaging it just by applying an adhesive. Either that fact or that the screen protector could potentially risk taking off the protective layer or even the flexible screen feature itself when users decide that they would want to put a screen protector. As the very first Galaxy Fold was able to prove, this could potentially be a fatal operation.

To make things worse than they already are, some people might not even be aware that when you apply a screen protector to the new Galaxy Z Flip phone, you are actually voiding the warranty. 

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This means that should the device encounter some unrelated accident that might require some simple repairs, having a screen protector on would mean that they will then have to be paying for the whole repair and the replacement cost.

On one hand, a representative from Samsung says that this new provision is already included in the care instructions which are included in all of their Galaxy Z Flip packages but on the other hand, putting up a screen protector has already become almost the second nature for worldwide consumers, especially when they are dealing with special snowflakes just like flexible displays.

Samsung's previous Galaxy Flip

It is currently a very fine print that Samsung will most probably want to make even more prominent in order to avoid yet another major fiasco just like what happened to their previous product, the Galaxy Ford. the company hopes that the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be different.

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