New Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leaked Photos Reveal Specs, Release Date, and More

The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is said to be coming to town any time soon! It's been a rough year for everyone and it seems like one of the thriving industries that have been able to remain strong is the tech industry, especially the mobile phone industry.

Although there was a speedbump in manufacturing earlier this year when many factories had to close down due to the coronavirus, it seems like slowly, companies are now able to adjust to the new manufacturing procedures.

The world is still adjusting to the whole shift in economics as the pandemic is critically affecting the markets and even global trade. Samsung is amongst one of the companies affected but thankfully, they were able to catch up to the shift in manufacturing.


Phone prediction

Now, customers around the world are getting a little more information every now and then about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2. It is currently believed that the device might actually launch on the very same day as the brand new Galaxy Note 20 series and also the Galaxy Z Flip 5G.

Unfortunately, it still won't arrive with popular stylus support. Now, customers will be able to get even more details about both its specs and features that are all quite interesting.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Specs

According to the brand new report coming from South Korea, here are the upcoming specs:

  • The upcoming phone supports a 120Hz refresh rate

  • The upcoming phone features a new 7.7-inch display

  • The upcoming phone comes with a display with a 2213x1689 resolution

  • The upcoming phone comes with an aspect ratio of 11.8.9

  • The upcoming phone's outer cover goes from a 6.23 to a 4.6 inch

Finally, the final release date for both the Galaxy Fold 2 and also the Note 20 series is said to be on August 20, 2020.

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Voiding the warranty

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 has generated a lot of discussion around it after the recent discovery that putting on a protective screen could void the whole warranty. Of course, don't confuse the Fold 2 and the Z Flip model.

This should come as a problem to some since putting on a screen protector is usually second-nature for most mobile phone owners. Although Samsung claims that their phones are safe enough and do not need the screen protector or protective glass, the truth is this would just defeat the flip purpose which is the phone's selling point.

Foldable phones do have that sleek and neat easy-to-fold feature which is Samsung's selling point at this time. The new feature aims to compete when it comes to portability, size, and also bringing back the classic feature of flipping.

Previously, flip phones used to be very much in style but have been slowly phased away. Now, the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 is bringing back the flip feature.

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