[Glitch] Sony's PS5 Might Not Be Selling at $700 but at $500: Play Asia Price Debunked

Sony's big reveal of the PS5 or PlayStation 5 was a huge event yesterday and now, the PS5 is finally available to pre-order but the only downside is that it will be costing people $700. To be more specific, the retailer Play Asia has already opened up its pre-orders for this next-generation PlayStation console but at a surprising price tag of a whopping $700.

Quite interestingly, this list also mentions the release date to be in December 2020, but just like the price, this has already almost certainly just been a placeholder date. At the moment of its publishing, Sony has not yet disclosed a definitive price point for the upcoming console neither the release date rather than saying that it will be on a "holiday 2020." 

However, Play Asia has already issued certain placeholders for both of these speculative details in order for them to open up pre-orders not just for the new standard version of the console, but also the digital version as well.

Does the PlayStation 5 cost $500?

The current rumors are pointing towards the upcoming PlayStation 5 having a price of $500 for this console and the release date is said to be somewhere between either late October or even early November. There have also been quite a few other leaks here and there that have all suggested that the console will be released in December just like how the PS1 previously did.

It is still very unlikely that Sony would actually be willing to miss the legendary Black Friday and even the Cyber Monday, which is when a huge bulk of holiday season shopping is all done, especially in parts of North America, the console's main market.

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How much will the PS5 cost?

With this said, it is still unknown what the final price of the console would actually be but it is still very unlikely that the PS5 would be priced at $700 or even $600. After all, Sony has already admitted in the past that this was definitely a very bad price point when their PS3 previously launched.

According to a snippet from a particular opinion piece that tackles the reason why it is believed that the PlayStation 5 will cost around $500, the PS5 will be priced at around $500, or at least this will be its starting point price.

Sony has already hinted that the PS5 is expected to be leaning towards the pricey side which definitely rules out the conversation of the console being at the $400 price point. It is also believed that the company rarely sells at the $50 price mark so this would mean that it would be okay to rule out the $450 price mark as well.

At this point, the options lead towards the console being priced at the $500 price point. It is believed that there is also no way that Sony is going to charge a whopping $600 once again after making that previous mistake with the previous PS3.

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