[Leak] A New Kingdom Hearts Game Might Be Coming this 2020: It Will Be Called Melody Of Memory

The website for the Kingdom Hearts mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road, went live recently ahead of its planned time. Many people can't get into the website, but there are some fans that dig deep into the data found in the site.

These fans scour for new details, images, and videos. Fortunately for them, they found a logo deep within the files for a Kingdom Hearts game that hasn't been mentioned before. The logo the fans found was for a game called Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.

Leaked logo Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory (upscaled)
(Photo : Disney | Square Enix)

How Did People Find The Logo?

The logo for the unannounced Kingdom Hearts game was hidden in the website for the Kingdom Hearts mobile game. But why was it there? Also, how did people find it?

Some staff members at Square Enix uploaded a portion of the Kingdom Hearts Dark Road website. Those staff members should've secured their data and connections.

A few people somehow noticed the data that the Square Enix staff members uploaded. This lead to the many people to dig deeper into what the data hid.

The data turned out to be details, pictures, and screenshots of the unreleased mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

But what was the most important piece of data that people found logo references from the Kingdom Hearts game that hasn't been officially talked about yet.


If the leaked logo is real, then the protagonist of the game will not be Sora. This is because the logo for this unannounced game has a long K. Whenever Sora was the protagonist in a game, the logo would have a short K for some reason.

The logo's long K could point to the logo being genuine since if you know what has happened in the story of Kingdom Hearts, then it makes sense. The next installment of Kingdom Hearts has people theorizing that Kairi will be the protagonist.

The upcoming Kingdom Hearts mobile game Dark Road has a long K as well, which has details out that reveals that Sora is not the protagonist.

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What Is Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Anyway?

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road is an upcoming mobile game in the Kingdom Hearts series. It will be coming out worldwide in Spring 2020. You'll be able to play the game on iOS, Android, and Amazon smartphones.

As mentioned above, details, pictures, and screenshots of the game were found in the website.

The upcoming mobile game Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will be accessible to play since you can play it without difficulty by tapping and swiping on the screen of your smartphone.

The game is designed to be free of stress and there won't be any kind of convoluted leveling or evolution systems.

You can use Auto Mode to level up easily or you can enjoy the strategic fights against bosses.

In this game's story, you'll learn more about a major character of the Kingdom Hearts series, Master Xehanort. You will find out why he became the seeker of darkness. This mystery is the story of him in his youth as he studies hard to become a Keyblade Wielder.

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