[Glitch] Should Destiny 2 Make its Latest Bug a Part of the Story? Here's Why It's A Yes [And No]

No one likes bugs and glitches in their games. After all, it could disrupt the player's momentum especially when something goes wrong right when you're in the middle of a hard boss level. That's why even the latest games require patches and updates in order to resolve those annoying fix bugs and glitches.

But there are instances where those bugs and glitches can be a good thing. And such is the case of Bungie's Destiny 2 where it allows players to quickly rise through the ranks.

According to a news article from Polygon, one of the oldest glitches in the game comes from the activity called: "The Forges from Black Armory" and is currently the most popular activity in the game.

Players would take advantage of the short-base timer of the event since Destiny 2 kicks people out if they are AFK (away from the keyboard) for a long period of time. 

This glitch is especially helpful in the latest season (a.ka. the Season of Arrivals) when gamers want to get both Umbral Engrams and Altered Element which serve as the two primary currencies for Season of Arrivals. Using the Umbral Engrams you have gained as a drop from all the activities you partook in, you can use a special machine to trasnform them that allows you to change an ordinary gear drop into something more suited to you depeding on the category you pick (you can always use them to upgrade your stats instead).

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Why the glitch should be part of the story

But instead of hampering players' ability to use the shortcut, the developer should leave it in the game--because it actually has some spooky thematic resonance stated in an opinion piece from Gamespot

If you are up to date with the current plot of Destiny 2 since the Forsaken expansion, then you should know how messed up things get in Bungie's MMO. Just like Star Wars, players are like Jedi Knights or "Guardians" who wield the good kind of space magic or the Light while the fallen worship the Darkness or the "bad" kind of space magic.

But ever since the Forsaken expansion, the line between good and evil is blurred as fallen creatures who are possessed by the Darkness now come bearing gifts. 

And get this, these Umbral Engrams that the Destiny players have been picking up is infused with Darkness from a different perspective. So from a different perspective, maybe this is what Bungie wants to see- whether players will succumb to promises of power by using these exploits or stay true to the name of Guardians and play the game as the developer intended. 

Bungie's Response

Like all good things, it has to come to an end. In response to the exploits that players have been taking to level grind easily, Bungie has made it clear that the players have to re-enter the event after completing it. You can check out their official statement below.

The community manager for Bungie who is only identified as Twitter handler @dmg04 reminds the Destiny 2 community to be kind to one another and to not tear each other down. You can see his tweet below.

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