Destiny 2 To Have More Content, Treasure Hunts, Features Compared To Other Bungie Games

Destiny 2's latest news reveals that it will be bigger, content wise, compared to other video games developed by Bungie. This was confirmed by the game developer saying that it will be far bigger in scale than any other game they have created. In other words, fans of the game can expect that this upcoming game will offer a more enhanced gameplay experience.

Destiny 2 Has A Lot More To Offer

Game director Luke Smith stated that Destiny 2 will offer gamers a lot more things "to do than in any Bungie game ever." Prior to this latest news, the game developer has already shared the details of the game's new missions called Adventures and Lost Sectors. These missions would give gamers plenty of opportunities to play the game and explore its open world in different aspects and angles.

Reports also indicate that Destiny 2 will also have new weapons and Supers. There will also be tons of hero objectives, public events, and new quests. In addition, the game's multiplayer mode will also undergo a number of significant changes.

Guardians Will Be Rewarded With Loot

Among the new features that will make Destiny 2 bigger than all of Bungie's previous games are the Treasure Hunts. Reports say that in some of the hunts, the Guardians will be rewarded with loot. It appears that these quests will be undertaken by the Guardians on special maps of the game. However, not much detail was shared by Bungie in this regard.

Apart from these Treasure Hunts, Destiny 2 will also introduce a number of new planets. That means characters in the game will have plenty of new environments to explore. But that's not all, it has also been suggested that the game will introduce weekly activities called Flashpoints and that the gameplay will be more focused on the story. If all of these contents are parts of the upcoming video game, no wonder Bungie is calling it the biggest game they've done so far.

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