"The Device" Fortnite Event: Did Epic Games Intentionally Block People from Joining?

Epic Games is now experiencing much heat on Social Media after a huge fraction of Fortnite gamers claimed that they were not able to attend the "The Device" event on the game. This long-awaited event told fans to log in 30 minutes before 2 PM ET in order to secure their own spot but what happened was that at exactly 1:31 PM, a single minute after the recommended queue time, Epic Games suddenly announced that the event was already full!

The company simply tweeted that the event has already reached its maximum capacity and advised those that were not able to participate to just catch the event via livestream. This sparked outrage to those gamers who wanted to be part of the event but were not able to secure a spot.

George Floyd's death and the delay of their event

"The Device" event along with the launch of season 3 were both actually delayed earlier this very month due to the ongoing protest and public outrage over the untimely death of George Floyd under the knee of police brutality.

Epic Games even gave a public statement saying that the recent events are definitely a heavy reminder of the currently ongoing injustices that are happening in society, from the denial of even the basic human rights all the way to the impact of racism both overt and also subtle against most people of color.

The statement said that they are eager to move Fortnite forward but they also need to balance the Season 3 launch along with time for the team to be able to focus themselves on their families and also their own communities. 

Epic Games tweet

Epic Games tweeted that none of their games were accessible which sparked a lot of negative replies on Twitter. The announcement was made to address the whole problem pertaining to every single game but most people replied that this was only Epic Games' way of removing accountability for not allowing everyone to join their event on Fortnite.

The majority of replies were very angry at the fact that they or their children were not able to join the event and one individual claimed that his own son who already got in, was suddenly dropped from the event and was not able to get back in and join while his friends remained in the event.

Epic Games simply tweeted about two to three hours after the event ended that the issue had been resolved without addressing any of the comments. They did not even respond to CNN's request for comment.

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"The Device" event on Fortnite

For those who were able to attend the event, the comments regarding the experience were very positive saying it was one of the best events in the game since Travis Scott's concert which was also a huge hit.


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