Father Makes Fundraiser to Make Back $2,800 His 9-Year-Old Kid Spends on the Apple Store After Finding "Hack"

Due to the massive amount of "hacks" available on the internet, it seems like a certain 9-year-old kid thought he found the perfect way to download as much content as he wanted from the Apple Store without having to pay for it but it turns out, someone else had to pay!

In a recent Reddit post, a certain father had to resort to making a fundraiser after his own nine-year-old kid spent $2,800 on the Apple Store. The son thought that he had found a way to get himself "free" stuff by bypassing certain security protocols and getting the massive amount from the father's own checking account.

The father's name is Michael Duran and his frustration has led him to open up a fundraiser which according to the image on Reddit, has already gotten him $80 out of the total $2,800 that his son has gotten from him in order to spend on certain purchasable on the Apple Store.

Jack Black's son got $3,000 for his game

A similar situation happened to the legendary actor Jack Black who revealed on the Jimmy Falon show that his own son did the same thing to him amassing an expense of $3,000 due to games on the phone. Jack Black revealed that his eight-year-old kid Sammy stacked up an expense of $3,000.

According to Jack Black, his son purchased $100 worth of gems and in-app purchases about 30 times. He then revealed that he approached his son and explained the whole situation but the damage was already done and he explained that although he was making money from movies if his son spent $3,000 a day, they might not be able to live where they currently live.

Jack Black is confident about the game giving him a refund since he was able to contact them and clarify the situation as well as explain the story on the show. This could actually make for good advertising if the game knew how to flip the situation around.

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Free games and in-app purchases

Apple Store and Android Play Store has loads of free games for you or your child to download but you have to be careful and read the description before you do. Some of these games include in-app purchases and if you are not careful, the same thing might happen to you.

Most paid games are not given much attention these days because of the thought of paying even before knowing whether or not you will enjoy the game has become a huge turnoff to many gamers. 

With in-app purchases, players can decide to enjoy the full experience if they purchase certain upgrades or other in-app purchases. It is now very rare to play a completely free game. Sometimes, in order to avoid in-app purchases, games introduce advertisements as a way for them to earn.

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