Learn How to Activate Dark Mode for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Learn how to activate dark mode for Google docs, sheets, and slides. The dark feature has started to gain even more popularity as this feature not only has an aesthetically pleasing touch towards it but is also very light on the eyes and the computer battery as well. In other words, the dark mode is both beneficial for your device as well as enjoyable to look at.

Although Google has already updated quite the majority of its own mobile apple with the dark theme, there is still a handful left out from the list rollout. Docs, Sheets, and Slides are three of the popular apps that shockingly don't have a proper dark mode existing yet.

The anticipation of the dark mode

According to a certain article by 9to5google, that's still about to change in the not-so-far-away future. After the whole decompiling of the latest version of these popular apps that Google has recently uploaded onto the Play Store, they have then discovered certain traces of a particular dark theme that has not yet been enabled in these apps.

The code lines currently suggest that Google is already laying down the work in order to add the dark mode to all three apps from Slides and Sheets all the way to the most used Google docs. The groundwork was reportedly added a few weeks ago according to the article's report.

What is most important to mention is that in the previous but most recent versions of these particular code lines feature has brought out that need to announce the new changes, so that it looks like the dark mode might be added any time pretty soon.

With the right amount of luck, a particular AndroidPolice's reader was magically able to enable the awaited dark mode for all three Google apps known as the Sheets, the Slides, and the Docs.

Although it is still unknown when the exact release of the dark mode for these Google apps will be out, it's pretty much safe to assume that this upcoming feature will happen sometime pretty soon.

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How to activate dark mode for Google docs, sheets, and slides

Although the feature is still unavailable as of this moment, the activation of the dark mode should not be as hard as you think. Depending on Google's initial release as to whether there will be a windows version or a basic mobile version, there are two possible ways to activate this feature.

The first would be to go to your home tab once it has officially been announced and scroll down in order to find the switch. If it can't be located here, another alternative could be looking at the view tab but this is still a little bit unlikely.

Google has yet to announce the launch of the dark mode. As of now, users will have to deal with the regular Google docs, sheets, and slides.

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