Chrome Users Watch Out! Google Confirmed Serious New Issues With Windows 10 Release: Here's How to Fix

Google Chrome is considered one of the most popular browsers that people use next to Safari and up-and-coming Microsoft Edge. But with the release of the Windows 10 May 2020 Feature Update comes also a number of problems and issues as well.

For instance, Chrome users are reporting that they keep getting signed out. Google Project Zero researcher Travis Ormandy ran into the problem after installing the new feature Update by Windows.

According to Ormandy: "[What] I notice is that the user above reports using VMware, and I also use that, version 15.5.5. I don't use WSL2, so it can't be that, and credential guard isn't enabled," Ormandy noted saying that the problem is on Google's side and not Microsoft's as noted by

One Reddit user also posted that not only was he signed out of Chrome but all of the passwords were forgotten adding that it happens even when Windows is restarted as noted by Windows Central.

Others have also mentioned that it also wrecks the syncing engine in Chrome as well as preventing it from saving cookies every time the browser closes.

According to Ormandy, he mentioned that these issues may have stemmed from the dpapisrv master key cache and suggests these following steps in hopes of resolving the situation:

  1. Start > Event Viewer > Applications and Services > Microsoft > Windows > Crypto-DPAPI > Operational
  2. Check for errors (his fix is dependent on errors being found here) - if Yes
  3. Close all Chrome Windows
  4. Press Win+L to lock your computer
  5. Unlock, then start Chrome

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Windows 10 Feature Update Affecting Other Programs

It's not only Google Chrome users feeling the negative effects of installing the update.

Although it's supposed to be a good thing when Microsoft Edge automatically launches after installing the latest feature update, Microsoft has deemed this an issue.

The system continually crashes for the FireFox browser.

As for One Drive, users are also experiencing the same problem according to Redit user njtallguy:

Windows 10 issue after 2004 Update: Forgets Onedrive logins, sometime Edge and Chrome. from r/Windows10

What was once part of the Windows family, Cortana has just become an ordinary app that updates from the Microsoft store. But even then, users complained that it still manages to run in the background even after closing the program while some users have been reporting Cortana not working in their region, when the digital assistant was working in the previous release. 

There were also system problems noted by users that come with the update such as the Fresh Start feature, establishing a VPN connection, driver installation problems, Bluetooth constantly disconnecting, an issue with storage space, and no internet access. 

Until Microsoft releases a pach that can fix these bugs, users are not recommended to download the new feature update. 

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