Files by Google has a New Safe Folder that Helps You Hide and Encrypt Your... Dirty Collection

According to a very recent app teardown by the people down at 9to5Google (and also further confirmation coming from the XDA Developers, who currently got the feature working), the popular Files by Google app is now picking up a brand new "safe folder" created to protect files in a certain PIN-protected and also encrypted hidden areas that are inaccessible to all the other apps. In short, Files by Google now has a porn folder.

The details dug up included a certain explicit "safe folder" name that was attached to this feature. It's own associated descriptions also claim that you can now move just about any file that you would want to keep protected by entering a PIN into this folder. You will also be able to find your own protected files located in this feature.

Safe folder or "porn folder"

The details are said to use a certain PIN and password used interchangeably, but using both of the credentials you lock this folder with and also the content reportedly won't be accessible if you suddenly forget them. The XDA Developers have confirmed the encrypted feature of this folder and it also seems like you might have to re-enter your PIN in order to move your files either in or out of the folder.

Although this feature is spotted in development, it still does not mean that it is final and the feature might still materialize, details that are subject to change. However, this new sort of tweak is not actually an out-of-the-blue feature since these certain "porn folders" or safe folders are already pretty popular.

Samsung already has its own Secure Folder while OnePlus's own File Manager already has a Lockbox. There are also several phone manufacturers that already have this option installed giving user s the option of hiding or encrypting both files and images inside their own built-in files and their gallery apps.

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Phone file privacy

Your phone's privacy is not just for porn, this can also include certain documents or other files you feel like it is better to keep private and encrypted to keep other people from being able to access these secret files hidden inside your phone.

Keeping your files secured is not as complicated as you would have thought. Having this feature in Files by Google or maybe even downloading certain apps that are meant to hide and store your sensitive files is a great way of keeping your mind off of things.

Make sure to never forget your PIN and password though since you might not be able to access these sensitive files yourself. The worst thing that could happen would be for you to forget your own PIN and password which would result to you losing your files forever or maybe until you get some professional help. This would still mean that you are giving other people access to your own files.

Check out the Files by Google's safe folder for your own personal porn folder.

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