How To Easily Kill A Bloater In The Last Of Us Without Getting Damaged

You may be wanting to play the Last of Us Part 2 but you haven't played the first game. That's good to do, but there is a difficult enemy you'll encounter in the first Last of Us. This is a guide for the Last of Us on how you can defeat a Bloater.

The Last of Us Bloater
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In the Last of Us, Bloaters are one of the biggest and toughest kinds of infected in the entire game. So here is a guide on how you can defeat them when you're forced to fight them during mandatory encounters.

The Big And Dangerous Bloater

If you're not required to fight a Bloater during an encounter with one, it would be better to avoid conflict with it. The best solution is to sneak past the bloater or run away when the Bloater detects you. If you don't fight it, your chances of dying will be reduced and that means you'll save plenty of vital resources.

The first time you'll encounter a Bloater in the Last of Us is when you're going through the High School Escape stage. You'll encounter more Bloaters in more challenging encounters later on in the game, so prepare for those encounters.

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How To Survive And Kill A Bloater

The Bloater is a strong infected enemy that will throw exploding spores at you. If you stand in the middle of the lethal substance, you will quickly meet your death. So when you encounter a Bloater, you have to keep moving and never stay still for too long.

When you encounter a Bloater, ensure you keep your eyes open for other infected that are accompanying the bloater. Get rid of the other infected as soon as you can since they'll let you focus on the Bloater when they're gone.

When the other regular infected are dealt with, you can focus all your offense on the Bloater. Get behind any cover you can find and try to throw a Molotov cocktail at the Bloater.

When you successfully hit the Bloater with the Molotov cocktail, it will be stunned for a few seconds. When it's vulnerable, you can shoot the Bloater multiple times and then finish it off using a bomb.

If the bloater somehow survives the Molotov cocktail, gunfire, and bomb, or you don't have any of those throwable items, then here's a tactic for you. Take one shot at a time at the Bloater and then run far away from it so it doesn't hit you with its exploding spores. Eventually, you'll take it down.

An important thing to take note of is that you should stay far away from the Bloater. If it gets too close, you will die quickly since it'll be harder to run away when it's right in front of you.

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