3 Best 5G Phones 2020 and Guide on Choosing Your Internet Provider

So for those who are looking for an upgrade from their old and outdated phones, you have read the right article. But before you start making decisions, it is imperative you get a basic understanding of what 5G is and how it separates itself from the rest. 

Qualcomm, a semiconductor company located in San Diego, California defines 5G as the 5th generation mobile network and is the new global wireless standard that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users which means higher performance and improved efficiency. 

5G is mainly used in these following to enhance mobile broadband and for mission-critical communications services. 

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Choosing Your Internet Provider

Your Internet Service provider is the most and only important factor to consider when selecting your 5G phone. First, you have to understand about the four kinds of 5G that are out there or coming soon: low-, middle-, and high-band, and DSS. Low, middle, and high go, respectively, from having a lot of coverage but not much speed, to almost no coverage but crazy-fast speed. 

PC Magazine lists down a fourth term called DSS, that refers to a way of sharing airwaves between 4G and 5G. This allows carriers slowly reduce capacity on their 4G networks as 5G flourishes-which will be a boon for people with 5G phones, and potential trouble for people without them.

Here's what each of the carriers will be offering. Sprint and T-Mobile will simply be refered as New T-Mobile.

  • AT&T: Lots of low-band, but very slow; no mid-band; high-band in small parts of 35 cities so far; DSS coming toward the end of this year.
  • New T-Mobile: Lots of low-band. Lots of mid-band. A little high-band. No DSS.
  • Verizon: All high-band for now. DSS coming toward the end of this year.

Listed below, you will see suggestions for your next 5G phone. 

Best Overall: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Not only does this phone have the Best-in-class display, but this is one of the phones with tons of RAM, and a new Snapdragon 865 processor and is 5G-capable for all carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S20+
(Photo : Samsung)

Best For Less: OnePlus 8 Pro 

The OnePlus 8 Pro has a large, beautiful 120Hz display with its OxygenOS that is said to be the best-in-class for Android software and also has Wireless charging. The downside is that its much more expensive than before and that the 5G limited to T-Mobile and some of AT&T.  

Upgrade Pick: Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

And last but not the least, Android Central lists this as the Upgrade Pick. The same model just made better with a massive high-quality screen, runs on a 5000mAh battery with a super-sharp main camera shots, and up to 5G connectivity for all carriers. 

Samsung Galaxy S20+ Ultra
(Photo : Samsung)

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