Samsung Wins! Top 5G Speed Now Raised to 8.5Gbps!

FILE PHOTO: People wears masks in front a Samsung Store at a main shopping area, in downtown Shanghai
FILE PHOTO: People wears masks in front a Samsung Store at a main shopping area as the country is hit by an outbreak of the new coronavirus in downtown Shanghai, China February 21, 2020. Photo : REUTERS/Aly Song/File Photo

Samsung recently claims that it has just achieved the industry's fastest 5G speed ever of 8.5Gbps with a new pair of smartphones under certain lab conditions. The company has conducted the test on the 800MHz of mmWave spectrum using a carrier aggregation and also a MU-MIMO in order to achieve this record.

Samsung also used two smartphones that were equipped with the very latest 5G modern chip for this test. The setup was able to deliver approximately 4.3Gbps speeds on both test devices which has totaled an industry record speed of 8.5Gbps across both devices.

Samsung has just recently employed its most recent 5G NR Access Unit (AU) for this test. It is the industry's very first integrated radio for the new mmWave spectrum. This was achieved by combining baseband, radio, and also over 1,000 antenna elements into a single product. The AU has already launched at the Mobile World Congress Los Angeles back in October 2019.

Samsung's preparations

South Korea was the very first to flick the switch on this low-band commercial 5G sometime last year. The country has already passed about five million 5G subscribers in total. Samsung, who has already been heavily involved in the deployment of the new next-generation mobile networks in South Korea, is now preparing to make mmWave 5G available in its own home country.

According to the Senior Vice President of Samsung, Mr. Hyunho Park, "Samsung will continue to be at the forefront in advancing 5G mmWave technology," continuing by saying that this success demonstrates the mmWave's potential to deliver all new kinds of business use cases and also open up new opportunities for the mobile operators. The president has also stated that he is looking forward to building on this specific technology in order to fuel the continuous journey towards innovation and a "vibrant mmWave ecosystem."

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Despite the mmWave spectrum having its own disadvantages, the wide bandwidth from it actually opens up some new opportunities for the mobile operators. With new multi-gigabit speeds that lower band spectrumsthat are unable to match this technology, the potential of bringing this technology to transform live streaming, teleconferencing, and even remote learning as well as other uses are yet to be imagined!

The deployment of Samsung's 5G

Samsung is currently helping with the full commercial deployment of the 5G in Japan aside from its home country, South Korea. This Korean company is also quite actively supporting the 5G commercial services in the United States.

Sometime earlier this year, the company teamed up with Verizon for the trial of the latter's very own commercial network cell site. The carrier has officially deployed the Samsung 5G NR Access Unit on a commercial level.

Samsung is currently also continuing the expansion of its own 5G business in a variety of markets, such as Canada and also New Zealand. The company is expecting more than 15 nations to join the new "5G mmWave club" in the upcoming years.

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