Elon Musk Confirms Plans to Make a 7 Seater Tesla Model Y: How Much Longer Do We Have to Wait?

Tesla is currently producing the Model Y accompanied with 5 seats but it seems like the automaker has been promising an out of this world 7-seat configuration and CEO Elon Musk has just updated the timeline.

The fact that the idea of a 7-seat configuration was supported shows probably the biggest surprise in the world of SUVs when it was unveiled sometime last year. During the unveiling, it was hard to get a really crispy look at the said third-row seat and the company so far has only produced a 5-seat version of the Model Y.

Elon Musk confirmed?

Just last night, CEO Elon Musk stated on his Twitter that there is a 7-seat Model Y that is expected to go into production soon! According to the Tweet, the Tesla Model Y could be ready "probably in early Q4."


The first deliveries would be placed around October or even on November of 2020. The huge question that's hanging over everyone's shoulders would be how is Tesla going to deliver the Model Y with those two extra seats?

Over the previous years since Tesla finally unveiled the Model Y prototype, Electrek has been able to get quite a few glimpses at the model's third-row seat but it has actually been raising concerns with regards to its usefulness due to the overly limited legroom.

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Tesla Model Y

It has currently led to different people suggesting that Tesla might actually head out with the rear-facing seats for the production version of the upcoming 7-seater Model Y. During this whole Model Y teardown, a certain Sandy Munro has stated that he believes to have found some new evidence that Tesla might have actually been working on some features in order to receive the said rear-facing third row.

Although it is still quite unclear as to what the whole production version of the Model Y along with the 7 seats will look like, Tesla though has certainly been investing in trying to come up with the perfect rear-facing seats as of recent.

For the starting years of the previous Model S, Tesda was actually offering the rear-facing seat option in order to make the sedan seat 5 different adults and also 2 children at a time. The automaker then ended up stopping the option, but more recently, the company has been discussing the idea of bringing back the rear-facing seats in order for it to be big enough for adults to fit in the Model S.

The new seats sit on high expectations to be part of a much larger update to the Tesla Model S that's coming out later this summer and is said to include the Plaid mode along with a tri-motor powertrain as well.

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