Attention! Rockstar Games is Now in Trouble as Apple Starts to Remove Unlicensed Games in China

A source has stated that the famous American technology corporation Apple is going to be pulling out many App Store games in the region of China. The removal of these games in the App Store will take place in July this year. 

Video game publishers such as Rockstar Games will be experiencing a rift in their systems as they have been dependent on this kind of platform over the years. Apple has formally informed the game developers and video game publishers that are based in China about this.

The games of these developers and publishers that are grounded in the iOS system will require official licensure to carry on with their affiliations with the American technology company when the month of July comes.

This prerequisite of official licensing will eliminate the unorthodox operation of publishing games into the App Store without the proper admission and authorization of these games.

GTA gone?

Grand Theft Auto, as an example, is a video game series that has various adult themes such as violence, gore, and crime. In China, mobile applications and games that have those kinds of themes are not usually given access within Chinese borders. This, ultimately, does not allow people to download these kinds of games within China.

Every type of application is obligated to send letters of approval to the people who control the release of mobile apps. The memorandums, together with the games, are then reviewed by regulators and are subject for official licensure after that. That is if the reviews are deemed positive and no other complications were observed from the games. 

This requirement of official licensure in mobile applications and games has been established by Google Play Store and other Android online stores for the past four years.

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Apple's App Store new regulations

Apple's App Store will follow suit to those rules and regulations. As of now, unknown reasons circulate all throughout the internet in regards to this matter. People do not know why the famous tech corporation has not addressed this affair sooner.

Many are confused about this subject because other Chinese app stores such as Xiaomi and Alibaba have acted on this matter long ago. Recently, Apple has taken out a couple of mobile podcast applications from its App Store in China. 

This was under the impression of China who humbly requested for the podcast applications to be removed from its systems. At the end of the month of June, official licensure for iOS applications and games will be implemented. Apple has reminded all developers and publishers from within the iOS systems to prepare the appropriate documents and letters for this transition.

The App Store in China has about 60,000 mobile applications and games. One-third of these games, as seen by statistics, do not have the appropriate licensure to be released into China's region.

People should be prepared for the potential loss of their favorite games from the App Store, should the developers not be approved of their applications and games.

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